Product Update: Introducing Message Translation

Breaking language barrier and making communication easier! Messages sent can now be translated at the message receiver's end to help them communicate better. Read to know more ...

Harsha Patil • Jan 21, 2021

Did you ever feel, I wish I could communicate with someone or understand what one communicates without actually understanding the language. We understand your problem. We are excited to launch message translation which will break language barrier and helps translate messages In-Chat instantly

Instantly translate your messages

To make chatting (in any language) easy and smooth, we are excited to introduce CometChat new message translation feature!

When your users speak in different languages, there comes a need to communicate with each other. Message translation helps in translating any message sent to the receiver to the default language setting of their app or browser

From today,  you can translate any message you receive inside a CometChat chat into your own language. Or any other language you prefer. All you need to do is hover on a message, choose translate icon, and instantly the translation will appear right below the original message.

So now you can keep up with any conversation in any language in real time.

Just a warm up

Let me run you through few steps required to get message translation working in your chat.

1. Add Message translation extension

cometchat dashboard

Please follow these steps below

  • Sign in/Sign up on

  • Create/select your chat app

  • Head to extensions section on dashboard

  • Select message translation extension > Add extension

2. Enable message translations in your chat

cometchat chat widgets

Please follow these steps below

  • Click on Chat widgets section on dashboard

  • Choose/Create your Chat widget

  • Click on main settings

  • Head to more interactivity > Enable translate message to local languages

  • Click on Save & Done button

If you now reload/re-run your CometChat Chat widget or UI Kit, you will be able to see a message translate icon enabled at each message in your chat. On tap of the icon, your message will be translated according to the default language setting of your app/browser

CometChat message translation

Wasn't that easy!

We provide support of message translation feature for Web, iOS and Android platforms.

Feature availability

Message translation extension is available only for Moon, Planet and Nebula plans.

To quickly integrate message translation in your chat

Sign in/ Sign up on CometChat dashboard




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