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Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Joomla is a renowned content management system(CMS) that allows users to create websites and online applications. What has made Joomla so popular is the ease of use and extensibility aspect of the software.

There are two methods to upload & install Joomla on a website; the first is automated installation, and the second is manual install. The first method is quite simple as it uses Joomla’s automated installation feature. This feature is usually activated by your host provider in your website’s “Control Panel”. The second method however is trickier, as it requires manual installation and is much more suited for professionals who prefer customization and know what they are doing. Nevertheless, the second method can be performed on a basic level by those who are new to it as well, if you understand the following process. In both cases, you must have access to your website hosting account in order to proceed further. A blog hosting account, such as Blogspot, cannot be used to accomplish this. Follow the instructions below to upload and install Joomla.

Download Joomla

The first and foremost step is to download the latest version of Joomla’s installation package. You can easily download it from multiple sources the simplest of which is directly visiting and following the instructions contained therein to download the pack.

Create an Installation Database for Joomla

The second step is to log-in to your website’s hosting account control panel and going to the MySQL database management tab. In this tab, you have to create a database for Joomla, set a username and password for it. Once the database is created, give it all the privileges, as it will be used to install Joomla on your site.

Uploading Joomla

This step involves uploading Joomla and deciding where you want to upload the Joomla pack. Normally uploaded on the main website but you can limit it to a specific part of a website if you prefer, like only the blogs area for example. Select the directory you’ve decided on and upload to it.

Installation Phase

Next comes the installation phase, which is the most crucial yet self fulfilling part of the process. Be very careful at this step as any mistake could result in a faulty installation. First begin by creating login details for you Joomla’s control panel, and make sure to note it down somewhere safe. You will be guided through a process that will ask you for multiple details, such as the database you created for Joomla, and its login details.

All set!

Yes, that is it! You have completed the uploading and installing of Joomla on your site! Go to the directory where you installed Joomla, normally found in the /admin directory and log-in to begin your work.

It is always a good idea to get familiar with the many features this content management system provides. Sift through them one at a time and make a mental note of those that are particularly useful for the task you plan to perform. As simple and user-friendly this CMS is, even novice users would have no problem getting the hang of it.

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