Increase Conversion Rates with these 5 Must-Have Plugins for Joomla

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Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Joomla is generally preferred by e-Commerce site owners due to its powerful functionality and robust security features. Whether you are selling auto parts, clothes, food, pet accessories, or whatever, you can greatly benefit from using Joomla website design platform.

Every online business owner wants to attract large number visitors to their website. Apart from website traffic, increased conversion rate is also the top priority for the online store owners.

If you are also one of those with an entrepreneurial talent and have set up an online store using Joomla, then you are in for a treat as here we will list the 5 best plug-ins for Joomla websites that can help ensure increased conversion rates.

  1. J2Store

The J2Store Joomla plugin enhances the functionality of the website by allowing you to present the products in the best light to the customers – all with just a few clicks of the mouse button. Using the plugin software, you can add value-added features to the site that can enhance customer experience.

Some of the impressive features include product zoom effect, multi-currency support, and easy currency switching. The Joomla plugin also allows multiple images for each product. In addition, you can use the plugin to sell both downloadable and physical goods on your website. You can try the plug-in for free, and if you like it you can purchase it by paying a few bucks.

  1. JS Support Ticket

A great plug-in that is simple and easy to implement is JS Support Ticket. You may already know that offering enhanced customer support can positively influence customer support. In fact, research studies show that customers are positively impacted by online support services.

JS Support Ticket is a robust customer support system that can help serve customers from the front-end. With the plugin installed, users will be able to create tickets that are addressed to a specific department. The best part about the plugin is that it supports auto-response and notification feature.

  1. JooCommerce

Another great e-Commerce plug-in is the JooCommerce. This versatile plug-in is designed to help improve your websites sales prospects. It contains powerful features such as PayPal and Stripe integration, shipping and taxes management console, and dedicated support.

  1. VirtueMart

VirtueMart is a popular shopping cart plugin that comes with great functionality and features. The plugin allows setting adjustable pricing rates, customize shopping input, and categorize shipment and payment according to different shopper groups. Moreover, it also has features such as customizable anonymous checkout, dynamic calculator, address book, and default Bill-to and Ship-to addresses.

  1. HikaShop

Lastly, HikaShop is also another great extension for Joomla website that can make your e-Commerce store popular among the online community. The shopping cart plug-in allows customized checkout process.

You can create checkouts that reduce the steps to a bare minimum to make the purchase, thereby increasing the chance of a purchase. Other robust features of the plugin include more than 60 payment plugin, address custom fields, powerful dashboards, credit card plugin for offline processing and integration with JomSocial and Community Builder for listing orders on the profile of the user.

So, what do you think about the Joomla plugins listed above? Feel free to share your views by commenting below.

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