How to convert Customers to Clients? – An Infographic

CometChat Team
Acquiring customers is nice. Keeping customers define how you stay in business. For business owners, the ideal state is to create a customer base that creates new customers. Not only will loyal customers keep coming back themselves, they’ll also become a linchpin of your marketing efforts.How-to-convert-Customers-to-Clients

1. Reach out within seconds

Reaching out to your customers as soon as they contact you leaves a positive impact! Reach-out-within-seconds

2. Follow up

After reaching, how do you follow up is very important. Follow-up

3. Know your customers

Every business has to deal with three types of buyers – Know-your-customers Knowing how a customer acts within the site is vital!

4. Law of least effort

Less is more, and people act more when they have to do the least! Law-of-least-effort

5. Actions speak louder than words

Keep improving, Keep scoring! Actions-speak-louder-than-wordsConverting your customers to clients is important to be in the competition around.

CometChat Team