How to convert Customers to Clients? - An Infographic

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April 15, 2015
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    Acquiring customers is nice. Keeping customers define how you stay in business. For business owners, the ideal state is to create a customer base that creates new customers. Not only will loyal customers keep coming back themselves, they’ll also become a linchpin of your marketing efforts.


    1. Reach out within seconds

    Reaching out to your customers as soon as they contact you leaves a positive impact!


    2. Follow up

    After reaching, how do you follow up is very important.


    3. Know your customers

    Every business has to deal with three types of buyers –


    Knowing how a customer acts within the site is vital!

    4. Law of least effort

    Less is more, and people act more when they have to do the least!


    5. Actions speak louder than words

    Keep improving, Keep scoring!


    Converting your customers to clients is important to be in the competition around.

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