How to Boost Your Conversion Rates

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November 28, 2014
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    Operating a website can be a very daunting task. Maybe you prepared for everything just the way it is supposed to be, offering amazing designs, providing engaging content, and anything else they could want – and somehow conversion rates still aren’t improving as you hoped them to be. With every tweak you make, the conversion rates aren’t budging, or aren’t as significant. Where could you possibly be going wrong in convincing users to take action?


    Let’s look at it this way, what would you look for while shopping for a new product? Perhaps you research the manufacturer, or maybe read the reviews on eBay and social media sites to get an idea of their popularity and how satisfied their customers are. Have you ever read a review that highlights exactly what you’re searching for in a particular product? If you have done any of the things mentioned above, then you have been looking for evidence of social proof. Social Proof — is the trust and influence built on the testimonials of clients and customers or fellow associates in regards to how credible and trustworthy an entity is. Good Examples would be: Amazon Reviews etc. You can use the following Trust-Boosting Elements that can increase a website’s Conversion Rate:

    1. Localization • Including images in the header would be a superb idea. • Confidently display your contact information along with your area code on every page. • Using local suffixes for a domain name would positively provide you with a competitive edge in diverse circumstances, especially if a highly regulated domain is in question. • If you are providing products or services across borders, it is recommended to use local currencies of every region you serve.

    2. About Us • Use the About us page of your website to your advantage by portraying behind the scenes, the cogs that run your business. It could include a brief history, the loyal & hard working employees, and the unique ideas that drive your business forward.

    3. Business Details • Understand the importance of putting your postal and physical address on the contact us page, along with proof of you registrations. When people meet other people they put names to faces, when people meet a new business how seriously they take a business depends on proof of their physical existence. This develops a level of trust between a company and its consumers.

    4. Guarantee Satisfaction • Giving guarantees or warranties along with your product creates a sense of trust and security with a customer. The company comes across as being earnest in its conduct and develops a positive rapport with you customer

    5. Testimonials • Adding positive feedback by clients on your product or service can be placed on your website as a testimonial. This will serve as an attestation and will make potential customers more susceptible to your ‘advances’. This was a list of tried and tested trust-building methods that will quickly make a difference in CTR and help you generate profitable leads. Good Luck!

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