November 11, 2011

HD video chat, new games and a lot more

Thank you for your tremendous response to our CometChat v4 release! We have had the chance to tweak many of our modules over the last couple of weeks.


High definition video chat

The launch of Adobe Flash Player 11 brings in the ability to encode at H.264 (standard codec for high-def videos like Blu-ray). Our voice/video chat plugin has been automatically updated for all our customers. You and your users only have to get the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to be able to video chat in HD. We have also added an option for peer-to-peer chat in the latest update.

Facebook/Gtalk friends chat

Our Facebook/Gtalk chat has been updated with miscellaneous tweaks and fixes. We have upgraded our servers as well to ensure smooth scaling. Caching has now been enabled so avatar images will load instantly for subsequent calls.

Single player games

We have tied up with a new partner to provide you with high-quality single player games.

New real-time translate module

Our old real-time translate module which used Google’s free translate API will cease to function from December 1st. This is because of Google’s decision to discontinue their free translate API service.

We have updated the module well in advance so that the transition phase is smooth. You can now use either Google’s paid translate API or Microsoft’s free translate API. Learn how to configure the new real-time translate module.

New writeboard plugin

The writeboard plugin has been updated with a slicker interface. We are now hosting this service on our servers for better performance.

Aggressive caching

The CometChat base code has been slightly tweaked for caching so the CometChat core files are downloaded only once. The advantages are two-fold: your site loads considerably faster and bandwidth usage is much lower.

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