Key Questions to Answer Before Launching Chat

It takes more than good implementation to drive customer engagement. Read on to find out what key questions you should ask yourself before launching chat on your website or app.

Dan Mitzner • Nov 4, 2022

You’ve implemented CometChat based on a product requirement or as a tool in your engagement strategy to increase your application usage. Either way, the key to your success lies in your users actually using the chat features.

As one of the leading providers of a chat platform, we’ve seen the full range of companies successfully driving chat adoption and those that implement and simply hope people use it.

The difference lies in being purposeful about your implementation, presentation, and messaging to your users.

Key Questions to Answer Before Launching Chat

In an ideal world, you fully understand exactly what value in-app chat is bringing to your customers before you even begin to implement. That’s not always the case, but it’s an absolute must to nail this down before you push chat live in your experience.

You should ask yourself and your stakeholders a few key questions…

(Hint, pull Marketing into this part of the conversation. They’re going to be driving adoption long term so pull them in early.)

1. Is chat critical to the user flow of our application? This is often the case if you have a transactional aspect to your application. In other words, without chat, your application doesn’t deliver.

2. What specific value(s) does chat drive for your customer? How is in-app communication making their experience better?

3. What specific value(s) does chat drive for your business? For example, are you extracting data signals to improve product? Or building a community to market a new product to?

4. On what devices are your users engaging in the chat experience?

While there are many other variables you might need to consider, getting smart on these four basic topics will help you build a strategy for adoption.

Similar to other features or products, it’s key to build a strategy that clearly defines things like…

1. At what point in the user journey is chat presented to them?

2. How branded do you want your chat experience to be?

3. Do you need to communicate the value of using chat in your application to the user?

4. Do you need to promote the use of chat via other channels with your user?

5. What features will make chat more beneficial to the user?

Ready to get your users chatting?

Chat with a member of our team to learn more about how in-app communication can drive huge user engagement on your app or website.

Dan Mitzner

Chief Marketing Officer , CometChat


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