Editing BuddyPress Activity on Front-End

Earlier in 2015, the BuddyBoss released a Global Search feature for BuddyPress. The plug-in can now allow searches on every component on BuddyPress.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Earlier in 2015, the BuddyBoss released a Global Search feature for BuddyPress. The plug-in can now allow searches on every component on BuddyPress. Michael Eisenwasser, the founder of the company, created a series of free plug-ins following this news, for the benefit of mankind, or at least, the BuddyPress community! The BuddyPress Edit Activity is the latest contribution by the development team. The plug-in is a great tool that offers users the chance to edit activity posts, replies, and messages on front end, for a wide range of social networks. It’s more or less similar to the ‘Edit Post’ feature found in Facebook that allows you to edit posts and comments on posts. Once you have the BuddyPress Edit Activity installed, you can easily edit posts across networks on the front end.

The BuddyPress Edit Activity plug-in will install activity Meta buttons, clicking on which, allows you to edit your activity updates and replies conveniently. For instance, if you make a mistake in your posts, you now have to opportunity to proof and correct them and add more details rather than deleting the posts and start them all over again. The settings screen of the BuddyPress Edit Activity plug-in allows the admin to turn the editing feature on or off for posts and replies on your network. This also includes the ability to limit the editing feature to the site admins only. The edits can also be disabled after a specific number of minutes. The ‘Disallow editing after’ setting allows you to disable edits after the specified time. By setting the minutes to 0, you are enabling editing on all activity posts and replies indefinitely. You can also choose what posts you want to edit on front end. For instance, in the ‘Editable on front-end’ setting of the Front-end Editing Settings, you can, choose Activity Posts or Activity Replies, choose both, or choose none, based on your preferences. The BuddyPress Edit Activity plug-in is not the first plug-in to allow front end editing on posts as various developers across the CMS world have already been investing their time and resources in it. That being said; it is definitely the first ever official plug-in, by the development team of a CMS, that allows front-end editing. WYSIWYG is not so far away from us in 2015 and BuddyPress Edit Activity has certainly taken it off the ground. The plug-in was tested by our team and it works seamlessly with the BuddyPress framework, and you wouldn’t think otherwise, considering it’s an official plug-in. It also adapts to the current theme you are using and never implements any obtrusive styles on your activity stream. It may be a small plug-in considering how fast other things are moving in the CMS development and integration, but it is an intuitive extension that greatly enhances user experience to say the least. As other social networks like Facebook, already offer such functionality, it is not too soon to expect other CMS to follow this path too. BuddyBoss has certainly impressed its customer base with the new plug-ins released and anticipated this year.

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