December 4, 2014

How to Make More Revenue from Your WordPress Website

The World Wide Web is full of possibilities when you are looking for ways to make money. Sustainable income can be generated online if you are aware of the platform you could use to do so. WordPress is one of those platforms that can be transformed into a real moneymaker.


The following are a few ways you can use it to its full potential:

1. Affiliate marketing:

You could link various products to your website, write a review on the product or simply mention it in a blog related to a specific one. If someone clicks on your link and buys that product, you will receive a commission from that transaction. All you need to do to avail this opportunity is to register as an affiliate marketer of a product you have in mind, and make sure you have more than enough traffic on your website to attract potential buyers. In affiliate marketing the relevance is the key and the product you are promoting has to at least be somewhere in the general vicinity of the same industry.

2. Endorsing a product:

Once your website is well established and you have a constant flow of loyal traffic, you can utilize the statistics to pitch your website to marketers as a product endorser. You can write up reviews, advertise, back link and use other types of marketing techniques to place certain items front and center. This type of work can also involve writing articles about said product and posting it to your website. The trick to succeeding in this is having as much traffic on your website as possible and continuously working on it to keep increasing your audience base.

3. Selling advertisement space:

Most businesses are always on the hunt for websites relevant to the industry and one that has a strong potential customer base they could use to promote their products. This method is effectively the easiest way to generate income on WordPress. Create an income model and start selling ad space to potential clients that can benefit greatly from your website.

4. Innovate:

Once your website starts gaining substantial popularity, it is time to capitalize on it, but be creative. There are a number of ways you can do this such as by publishing an ebook, offering a plug-in or software, in general anything you can sell. Use the loyal audience you’ve gathered to sell something of your own. You can even outsource method one and two to get results faster.

5. Create a premium subscription for members:

This method is one where only a few people have managed to succeed namely getting your audience to pay to read the content you publish. The underlying condition is such that the audience should be able to clearly see your written work as a wise investment. Getting your money’s worth is everyone’s utmost priority when shelling out even a single dollar. If your audience already likes the content you write they might not mind paying for it in the form of subscription fees. Keep in mind that the most crucial step is to create and maintain a strong community online so your presence is actually noticed.