Development Challenges in CMS in 2015

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February 18, 2015
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    Web development is evolving at a rapid pace, especially when we consider content management systems (CMS) and applications. Along the lines, the resources and portrayal of web application development has changed the way businesses and individuals interact on the web to great extents. Web technologies continue to make development and that is subsequently changing how we conduct operations. Web development is the basis of change and unlocks many opportunities. However, with the increasing web development opportunities, we are bound to face increasing challenges. Not only do these challenges have to be addressed, but also resolved, to ensure that the potential of new web development technologies is realized.


    2014 was the year when many web developers and programmers were forced to face complicated web standards and understand new open source worlds. 2015 aims to move along the same lines and here are five challenges we can face as web application developers.

    Hardware Diversity

    Smart phones, tablets, and Smart TVs will continue to bombard the market for many years to come. In 2015, we can expect more display interfaces, smart gadgets, and screens to make way to stores. Devices like Google Glass and Apple Watch are bound to hit the market shortly, so we can anticipate how hardware capacity and configuration will impact web development and CMS in 2015.


    With big data analytics continuing to become a mainstay for many B2B and B2C businesses, security is becoming an increasing issue. Not to say that security was never a profound issue, but with improving technology interface and app usability, security has been on the backburner. A recent case study reveals that 95% of all web applications are at risk to severe vulnerability at least once. This is going to be a growing issue of concern for web developers as they need to track security issues and address them.


    While the tools deployed for web development have not changed much overnight, they are however, not as efficient when considering the highly complex environment we work in today. Currently, a web developer is required to go through all the details and modes precisely for efficient workflow. For optimum efficiency in web development, we now have to determine the architectural capacity, database, detailed reference, and web assortments of each tools, which is quite a demanding job, don’t you think?

    User Experience

    User experience is one thing that evolves at a slower pace than all the other challenges that we addressed here. Most gadgets and smart display today are made to allow a balance between the modulation and using interfaces that produce the best user experience. Innovative interfaces with sleek designs are forming the norm these days and will continue to do so. Hence, brace yourself to take the input and your efforts to another level in 2015.

    API Demand

    SaaS applications are on the rise and will continue to escalate in demand for CMS, CRM applications, and other associated systems. API demand is likely to increase considering how businesses have been leverage on it. News around the web is that API may even need associated cloud based reporting applications. In other words, you will now have to take API requirements into consideration, otherwise you’re losing one opportunity too many!

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