New Etano Datemill and DataLife Engine Integration

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June 12, 2013
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    CometChat for Datemill by Etano

    Etano is a community builder that helps make better community networking sites. Etano can be used to start up a dating site, a social networking site, a classifieds site or any other type of site involving different group of people, companies or products. Etano Datemill is known for the flexibility and versatility it provides.

    CometChat for Etano Datemill

    – With features like Skype-like audio/video chats and chatrooms, CometChat helps Etano deliver more interactive tools to its users. – Easily add features like multi-player games, collaborative writeboards and whiteboards. – Existing users will automatically be logged into CometChat; no separate login required. Learn more about the new Etano Datemill chat!

    CometChat for DataLife Engine

    DataLife Engine is a commercial software for content management, developed by SoftNews Media Group. The flexibility and ease of customization and integration of your own design allows you to set up sites in the most shortest possible time.

    CometChat for DataLife Engine (DLE)

    – Besides chat, CometChat adds an array of interesting features to this content management system like broadcasting, whiteboards, social sharing and so on. – CometChat also includes features like file-sharing, screen-sharing, multi-player games, audio/video chat etc. Your users will never run out of things to do on DataLife Engine websites. – CometChat’s real-time translation feature makes it extremely easy to interact with absolutely anyone. Learn more about the new DLE chat!

    Get CometChat!

    So what are you waiting for? Purchase CometChat today! or contact us if you have any questions.

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