July 12, 2016

Install CometChat in seconds with the Concrete5 plugin

Install CometChat in seconds with the Concrete5 plugin

We have launched an easy to install plugin for Concrete5!

Features: 1) Seamlessly manage upgrades 2) Manage CometChat directly from your Administration Panel

Concrete5 chat

Installation in 10 seconds!

With few clicks, you can have CometChat plugin installed on your Concrete5 website. All you need to do is upload CometChat Plugin from your Extension Manager. Follow these easy step-by-step instructions (Steps 1-7) for Installing CometChat plugin for Concrete5.

Manage Upgrades

This feature lets you seamlessly upgrade your CometChat without the hassle of using FTP.

Managing Admin Panel

Manage your admin panel within the CMS admin panel. This saves you the pain to go to admin panel separately and then manage it. Learn more about Concrete5 chat!

Get CometChat

Purchase CometChat Or Download CometChat for SuiteCRM if you have already purchased. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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