We've Got A New Look - Introducing CometChat v6.2 (Beta)

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October 1, 2016
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    Firstly, we wanted to start this post by thanking you for using, appreciating and loving CometChat over the years.

    We have grown tremendously with you by our side, and we are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new chat UI!

    CometChat v6.2

    What’s new?

    CometChat’s new chat UI comes with a sleeker look that offers improved usability, seamless user experience and optimizes performance making our product easy and fun to use.

    New Embedded Layout

    The Embedded layout lets users dive deeper into the conversations and concentrate majorly on the chat functionality thus enabling them to connect better.

    Now all your favourite chat features like share files, stickers, audio/video broadcast appear right next to your chat box so your users can easily share and collaborate with other users.

    CometChat v6.2 embedded

    The best part is that it is completely responsive and is also customizable. It can be embedded into your site, wherever you want it to be.

    New Docked Layout

    The Docked layout brings in a cool new layout which your users would be comfortable with. All the features of CometChat now in a compact and sleeker look. After all, you don’t need to use a lot where a little will do.

    For better access, we have added tabs using which your users can easily switch between one-on-one and group chat making the entire experience super interactive and fun.

    CometChat v6.2 docked

    Customize It!

    Choose from 15 vibrant colors and change the look and feel of CometChat.

    Customise CometChat v6.2

    Demo the New UI

    View New Chat UI Demo

    Our demo will be updated twice a week with the latest bug fixes until we reach the final stable release (ETA 3-4 weeks).

    Get CometChat v6.2 (Beta)

    CometChat PHP (Self-Hosted)

    Empower your website with the latest version of our PHP chat software & experience a phenomenal increase in user interactivity.

    Purchase CometChat

    Already have CometChat? Download CometChat or purchase our installation service if you would like us to perform the upgrade.

    Please note: We do not provide support for beta releases. Any bugs reported in current beta release will be fixed in the next beta release.

    CometChat Cloud

    Version 6.2 will be available for CometChat Cloud once it goes out of beta.

    Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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