CometChat weekly update #1

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September 30, 2019
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    Welcome to the inaugural edition of the CometChat weekly update, our weekly roundup featuring a selection of the things we've been working on that we're most excited about.

    My goal here is to give you as much information as I can while keeping it all easily scannable and digestible. Message @CometChat on Twitter if you have any thoughts.

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    Product updates that improve your life

    • New data center in America ✨
      We’ve added a new data center and with it made a new region available in America (us-east-2). When you go to the dashboard to create an app, you can choose to host it in one of our regions in Europe or America. Deploying your app to the region closest to your operating region will of course help keep latency low, but will also help you comply with your local regulations, like GDPR.
    • Extensions are here, and they're awesome (BETA)! ✨
      Extensions are a great way to expand your app with additional functionalities like email notifications and smart replies. I will be sharing more detailed updates about each of these extensions as they enter general availability. In the meantime, you can explore the documentation and toy around:
    • Email notifications (Android, iOS, JavaScript)
    • SMS notifications (Android, iOS, JavaScript)
    • Smart reply (Android, iOS, JavaScript)
    • Message translation (Android, iOS, JavaScript)
    • Profanity filter (Android, iOS, JavaScript)
    • Image moderation (Android, iOS, JavaScript)
    • Sentiment analysis (Android, iOS, JavaScript)
    • Thumbnail generation (Android, JavaScript)
    • Link preview (Android, JavaScript)
    • Offline support (Android)

    From the Tutorial Team

    • Add Push Notifications to Your React Chat App
      Notifications are an incredibly important feature because they keep your app front-of-mind and can really drive engagement. In this tutorial, Nathan (@Nsebhastian) from our Tutorials team shows you how easy it is to turn on web notifications with CometChat and our new push notifications extension.
    • How I Built a Desktop App with CometChat and NW.js (and How You Can Too)
      This is a unique post you’ll want to check out. Mihail (@mihailgaberov), a highly skilled senior engineer and part of our Tutorials team, doesn't just write a plain tutorial, he actually breaks down and really dives into his thought processes throughout a project. Teaching you not only how to build the app, but also how to plan a project and what to base important decisions on. And he even includes deployment to Netlify. Really good stuff.
    • Build One-on-One Chat in Your Vue App
      Taha (@tahazsh) from our Tutorials team built an absolutely stunning Vue chat application powered by CometChat. This tutorial lets you follow along and build it yourself or jump straight into the source code.
    • Build one-on-one chat in your iOS App Using Swift
      Inspired by Taha's post, Marin (@marinbenc) created an iOS version of the same one-on-one chat application. The best part? Because they both use CometChat, they are 100% compatible. Cross-platform chat has never been so easy.

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