CometChat v6.2.1 - We've improved, thanks to your quick feedback!

Hello again, We are back with a new and improved CometChat in v6.2.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Hello again,

We are back with a new and improved CometChat in v6.2.1

When we released v6.2 last week, quite a few of you came back with a critical bug of embeddable chat code not working to your expectations. Our engineers toiled night and day to get this bug fixed and voila, here we are with a fresh update in v6.2.1

Embeddable group/chatroom code is now fixed, go ahead & make it yours!

Here’s what to expect in v6.2.1

  • Added fix for embedding groups * Added fix for embedding a particular group * Fixed issue with groups deleted from CometChat administration panel * Fixed jQuery conflict issue

Thank you for your constant support and feedback, you make us better 🙂

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