July 21, 2016

CometChat v6.1 - Keeping the Conversations Going!

We are back again with yet another release of CometChat v6.1, packed with a bunch of amazing features that will keep users buzzing on your site.

CometChat v6.1

What’s new?

Messages grouped by dates Need to check the conversation you had yesterday or last week? We have now added a feature that groups one-on-one and chatroom messages by the date. So just click the “Load earlier messages” button and look for messages for a particular date.

Messages grouped by date

Deep Linking Deep linking is important because it drives user engagement. If a user is using CometChat from the mobile browser, on clicking a particular users tab to chat, he will be asked if he wants to chat with the person using the Mobile App. If yes, it will direct the user to the App.

deep linking

If you do not have our White-labelled Mobile Chat App, your users will be redirected to CometChat mobile app (available free in the Google Play and Apple iTunes store).

Support for Social Login in Desktop Messenger Site owners using CometChat Desktop Messenger can now enable their users to login using Social login option. Social Login is an easy way to setup social authentication, allowing your users login using their Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts.

Smooth scroll to top/bottom in Chatbox Let your users jump to the top/bottom of the chat box while having one-on-one or group chat with smooth automatic scrolling.


User settings to disable read receipts If you don’t like the idea of showing your friends whether their messages have been read, then, you no longer have to.

Hide read-receipts

Just remember that, if you do this, you will not be able to see read receipts from your friends either, so you won’t know whether they have read your messages.

Amazon S3 bucket option for File transfer and Handwrite plugins You can now configure CometChat to use AWS S3 bucket instead of folders for sending files. AWS bucket is a great option for low-cost storage and is extremely scalable and secure.

AWS Bucket

Get CometChat v6.1

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