CometChat v6.0 - Amazing enhancements that impress!

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June 1, 2016
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    We are happy to announce the release of CometChat version 6.0, with some really impressive feature enhancements that will surely delight your website visitors.

    CometChat v6.0

    What’s new?

    Revised look of the Admin panel We have come up with a revamped look of the Admin panel that eases navigation and facilitates effective user-friendly operation. As soon as you log into the Admin panel, you get a complete view of all information related to CometChat such as the Dashboard, Announcements, Chatrooms, Plugins, Modules, etc. through the tabs on the left-hand side.

    CometChat Admin panel

    Ability to Change Chatroom name With this feature, chatroom owners/moderators can easily customise chatroom names whenever required. To rename a chatroom, just click the Edit icon and then type the desired chatroom name and hit Enter!

    Chatroom name

    Quicker installations and updates! To make CometChat installation process smoother, we have moved all the files that require write permission to a single directory. Now you no longer need to go to each file to change its permission. We have also moved all configuration variables to database so that updates will be much much quicker and you will no longer lose your preferences!

    Embedding CometChat You can now embed chatrooms module in Classic and Synergy Theme on your site’s page or embed a particular chatroom into your site page as per your preference.

    Classic theme embed

    Depending on your website requirement, the Synergy Theme can be customised, allowing you to embed chat for: a) Both One-on-one & Chatroom b) Only One-on-one chat c) Only Chatroom

    Synergy customisation

    Get CometChat v6.0

    Empower your website with the latest version of our PHP chat software & experience a phenomenal increase in user interactivity. Purchase CometChat Already have CometChat? Download CometChat or purchase our installation service if you would like us to perform the upgrade. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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