March 4, 2013

CometChat v5 - The best reloaded

CometChat v5 - The best reloaded

With a horde of some really impressive features, CometChat v5.0 is set to spread its charm all over again!

CometChat App now available for iOS and Android

By the end of 2013, mobile phones will overtake desktops as the most commonly used device to access the web. Mobile traffic has increased by 75 percent and the demand for mobile increased by 167 percent. Are you following the trend? CometChat’s webapp in v4.6 was clearly a winner that kept users glued to your website from virtually everywhere! Inspired by our very own webapp, CometChat’s all new native app is here to let your users keep in touch like never before. Available on the Apple and Google Play stores, this app provides an aesthetically designed user interface that makes it an absolute delight to use. The CometChat app breaks all the barriers in mobile communication leaving no room for a missed conversation!

Our apps can be used free of charge for any site running CometChat 5+. In the login screen, simply change the domain from “” to “” and start chatting!

Key features

Auto-magically integrates with your site login Can be used seamlessly with CometChat on your site * Text chat for both chatrooms and one-on-one * Smileys and handwriting support To demo the app, enter the following details- Site: Username: demo Password: demo

Would you like your own white-labelled app in the Apple/Google store? Don’t want your users to download the “CometChat” app? We are also providing completely white-labelled apps that can be added to Google Play and Apple stores. These apps can be purchased separately (includes both iOS and Android app) and come with complete white-labelling i.e. colors, logo, icon and name to match your site. So your site will have it’s own messenger app similar to the CometChat messenger but with your branding! It’s time to start competing with the big-wigs like Facebook Messenger! You can also charge for your mobile apps; so make money with every download!

Contact us for more details for your very own white-labelled chat app!

Wait, that’s not it. There’s more!

Skype-like HD video quality Now add even higher quality audio and video chat to your site! CometChat and AddLive have teamed up to provide you with a no-flash solution for video communication. Access the highest quality audio and video technology that constantly optimizes itself with every user’s experience. AddLive is providing 10,000 free minutes to all CometChat sites! Not interested in paying additional? No problem, you can always use our default audio/video chat component which is free of additional charge.

Broadcast yourself CometChat v5.0 provides your website users with the next best thing to having in-person meetings – broadcasting! With the new Broadcast plugin, users can conduct intensive audio/video broadcast meetings in no time. A user can start his/her broadcast from chatrooms and one-on-one conversations and begin one-way conversations with the other users. So the next time your users need to host a meeting, a few clicks is all they need to do!

Custom guest names Are your guests tired of identifying themselves with numbers? v5 allows guests to change their name. No longer will they be known as “Guest 35634”, “Guest 9634” etc. Let them choose their name (although the word “Guest” will be pre-fixed so that your users do not confuse them with members) like “Guest John”, “Guest Jennifer” etc.

Mobile tab for your site Using the new CometChat Mobile Tab extension, users don’t have to visit the webapp continuously to check if there is a new message. While browsing your site using their mobile devices, users will receive notification if there is a new message. A simple click sends your users to the CometChat mobile webapp directly.

Quicker Gtalk chat login Your users no longer need to login by manually entering their Google username and password to chat with their Gtalk friends. Using the more secure and trusted Google Auth technology, they are automatically redirected to Google’s site for a one-time login.

Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes Hundreds of fixes have been performed in this release to ensure a smoother chatting experience. Manage blocked users feature has been added to light-weight chat mode as well. Ability to view chatroom logs and banning users by IP are just some of the new features in administration panel. Language and theme colors of mobile web-app, mobile native-app and desktop messenger can be now modified directly from the control panel as well.

Get CometChat v5.0!

Loaded with brand new features and enhancements, CometChat v5.0 is a must for every site! What are you waiting for? Purchase CometChat today! or contact us if you have any questions. Already have CometChat? Download CometChat or purchase our installation service if you would like us to perform the upgrade.

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