March 5, 2014

CometChat v5.2 - Stronger than ever!

CometChat v5.2 - Stronger than ever!

The start of the year is going great with the release of CometChat v5.2. With the humongous list of features that we have added and enhanced, this version release sees the launch of a much stronger version of CometChat!

What’s new?

New Google Hangout-like Theme CometChat now has more themes than ever to give your website an aesthetically pleasing look. With the new Google hangout-like theme, users will love the simplicity of the design and the classy new look. Styles and colors can be modified from the admin panel.


iPhone/Android App v0.8 The CometChat team brings to you yet another marvel in the form of an upgraded iPhone/Android app. With new multimedia features added such as file transfer, clear conversation and report conversation; the CometChat experience is set to become more vivid and enjoyable even on mobile. – Share images and videos: Transfer multimedia such as images and videos with just a click of a button. Users can send images or videos directly from their camera or mobile gallery.

  • Push Notification: Now your users will receive push notifications on their mobile phones whether CometChat is running in the background or inactive. Notifications will display a message and play a distinctive sound.
  • De-clutter conversations: Your users’ can de-clutter their message inbox with the Clear Conversation option. Conversations that users wish to keep will be retained.
  • Report Conversations: Users can report abusive/offensive conversations and users to website administrators/moderators. Users can also specify the reason as to why they are reporting a conversation. This app can be purchased separately (includes both iOS and Android app) and it comes with complete white-labelling i.e. colors, logo, icon and name to match your site. Go ahead and go mobile! Take a look at our CometChat iPhone/Android App

Delete messages Site owners can now moderate and curate conversations happening in the chatrooms on their site. Site moderators can delete messages across all chatrooms, while chatroom owners can delete messages from the chatroom they moderate. Site users can only delete their messages from the chatrooms they are a part of.

“Guest” prefix The standard “Guest” prefix can now be changed by the site admin. For example, a guest visitor can be prefixed as visitor_John instead of guest_John.

Pop out and Full screen options for plug-ins The pop out and full screen option now provides your users’ the flexibility and convenience to view in the window size they wish to view it on. The pop out and full screen options are available for a lot of plug-ins such as audio-video chat, audio-video broadcast, handwrite a message, collaborative tools and so on.

Smileys and emojis Your users can have fun expressing themselves with the whole new range of emojis and smileys in the CometChat v5.2. You can also add your own set of smileys and emojis!


All new Notifications*

– Desktop Notifications:* Desktop Notifications can now be enabled so that your user is updated with the latest messages he receives. This feature is only compatible with Chrome browsers.

  • Favicon Notifications: Your users will see a notification bubble in the title bar on the favicon when they receive a message. This feature is compatible with Chrome, FireFox and Opera.

Flood control for messages Excessive spamming by your users while chatting can now be curbed by activating the flood control for messages. This feature can be activated from the administration panel which sets a buffer period of a few seconds between consecutive messages. Be aware spammers!

Enhancements – API driven approach has made CometChat more flexible and stronger – Enhanced method for Caching mechanisms such as file caching and memcaching

Miscellaneous Bug fixes – Previously banned guest users can now get unbanned from chatrooms – Optimized crons to take lesser resources – CSS fixes for Right to Left conversion for languages such as Hebrew and Arabic to look better when translated

Get CometChat v5.2

Experience the new CometChat and take the interactivity of your website to soaring levels! What are you waiting for? Purchase CometChat today! or contact us if you have any questions. Already have CometChat? Download CometChat or purchase our installation service if you would like us to perform the upgrade.

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