July 24, 2013

CometChat v5.1 - Handle thousands of users

CometChat v5.1 - Handle thousands of users

Built to scale

Your site is inviting enough to bring users on board, but is it well equipped to handle peak traffic? CometChat v5.1 will enable you to scale seamlessly and handle thousands of online users while keeping your server load to a minimum.

What’s new

Memcache and File Caching Support CometChat now provides Memcache support to speed up overall response. Data and objects are stored in RAM instead of a server or external source. This reduces the server load drastically as the number of times your database is accessed is much lower. Suppose you have 1000 users chatting online, then with v5.1, your database connections will be reduced to only 2 every minute from 1000 every minute. That’s a huge reduction in database calls! If your server does not support Memcache, then you can also use a third-party service like Memcachier.

CometChat Memcache

CometChat also provides an alternative to memcache in the form of file caching. File caching is effective for sites with slightly lower traffic and can handle medium load on the server. Data is stored in files instead of a RAM and whenever access is required it calls those files instead of your database. The following graph depicts the comparison of CometChat v5.1 with different load reducing mechanisms. Load was tested for 10,000 users using a standard VPS with 4GB RAM.

CometChat Load Comparison

For best performance, be sure to use CometService along with CometChat v5.1 (+ Memcache enabled).

New third-party alternative for CometService- Realtime.co CometService enables message delivery in real-time. However, to avoid vendor lock-in, we have a number of third-party alternatives. We have now partnered with yet another third party alternative- Realtime.co. Realtime.co offers upto a million free messages. You can purchase our third-party transport if you would like to use Realtime.co instead of CometService.

Additional Settings in CometChat Administration Panel Our new CometChat v5.1 administration panel has more options than before! You can customize and execute specific jobs to clear data as well as monitor guest chats through the administration panel. We now have support for special characters in languages & announcements.

Customized cron jobs

**Miscellaneous Enhancements and Bug Fixes ** – We have updated our Twitter integration to provide a smoother social plug-in for your website – Guest users can now view their saved chat history when they visit your website – Various mobile enhancements have been included for better rendering on mobile devices – Hundreds of bug fixes

Get CometChat v5.1!

Experience the new CometChat and watch the interactivity on your website sky rocket! What are you waiting for? Purchase CometChat today! or contact us if you have any questions. Already have CometChat? Download CometChat or purchase our installation service if you would like us to perform the upgrade.

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