CometChat v4 has arrived!

Avatar CometChat Team

CometChat v4 is now available! Hundreds of features, bug fixes and tweaks make v4 the most polished product ever.

New Features

+ Facebook and Gtalk chat support
+ Android and other mobile platforms generic webapp
+ Single link for chat webapp (auto-detection)
+ Guests functionality
+ Ability to select color in chatrooms
+ Report conversations plugin
+ Block user plugin
+ Alternative page translation module
+ Improved SSL support
+ Advertisements extension (accepts Google Adsense code)


+ Sound notification in chatrooms
+ Improvement in friends list fetching
+ Lazy loading of avatar images to reduce bandwidth usage
+ Enhanced CometService to avoid dropping messages
+ Enabled private announcements/notifications feature

Bug Fixes

+ File transfer plugin fix for file names with spaces
+ Banned words filter fix
+ Duplicate status message fix
+ Long status message fix
+ Transport fixes
+ jQuery 1.6.X compatibility
+ Miscellaneous bug fixes

So what are you waiting for? Purchase CometChat today! or check out the new features.


CometChat Team