September 23, 2011

CometChat v4 Beta 1 with Facebook/Gtalk friends chat!

CometChat v4 Beta 1 with Facebook/Gtalk friends chat!

We are proud to announce the launch of the beta version of CometChat v4. We have added some of the most requested features including ability to chat with Facebook and Gtalk friends!

What’s New

Facebook/Gtalk friends chat

Your users can now chat with their Facebook and Gtalk friends directly from CometChat!

Simply click on the “Connect to Facebook/Gtalk chat” link and enter your Gmail or Facebook details. We use Facebook Connect feature for connection establishment. The process is seamless and quick for your users.

After login Facebook/Gtalk friends will appear in the Who’s Online list and you can chat with your friends immediately. It couldn’t get any simpler.

Mobile friendly – Full support for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and other modern mobile devices

Chatting couldn’t get easier on mobile devices. Our unified webapp automatically detects the user’s device and redirects him/her to the best version. Your users simply have to login to your site and then visit No confusing multiple URLs for different devices.

Guests option

Want your site users to chat without logging in? v4 allows guests to chat without any login. Users will be auto-logged in as “Guest 13423” etc. similar to how you are automatically logged in when you visit our website.

Performance enhancement

CometChat v4 increases performance and reduces bandwidth requirements. Avatar images are loaded only on request and not on every page load. You can count on savings of over 50KB per load! SQL queries have been reduced and your DB will see an instant performance improvement.

Enhanced CometService

No more dropped messages during page switches. The enhanced version of CometService ensures that every message is delivered, on-time.

New plugins

Your users now have the ability to block other users as well as report offensive conversations. A basic advertisements plugin is also included which can be used to add Google Adwords to your chat boxes.

Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes

Better cross-domain support, improved translation feature (works automatically on every page), sound notification in chatrooms and dozens of small bug fixes make your CometChat experience smoother than ever.

v4 is the best CometChat ever!

How to get v4

CometChat v4 Beta 1 is available for immediate download.

Simply select v4.0.0 Beta 1 from the drop down list for CometChat Version.

Certain features may not be available to you depending on your edition. Facebook/Gtalk chat feature is available to Professional Edition or higher license holders. As we are maintaining servers to handle this service, this feature is available only to active license holders.

To enable the Facebook/Gtalk chat feature, go to your licenses page and click on (update) link next to your domain name. Make sure that your domain is correct (e.g. and NOT and hit the Associate button.

BETA VERSION: Some features (like guests feature) and plugins are not available in the beta releases. Some features may not work as expected and maybe removed before final launch. No support is provided for beta versions. Please report all bugs at

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