November 14, 2012

CometChat v4.6 - Where perfection begins

CometChat v4.6 - Where perfection begins

If you loved CometChat v4.4, then get ready to be blown away by the breathtaking features of our latest and the most stylish version yet. Yes, CometChat v4.6 is here! We’ve made the features you love, even more powerful!

What’s new?

Mobile Webapp We are thrilled to announce the addition of the newest member to the CometChat family! Available on all the leading Android and iOS devices, this webapp lets you have CometChat in your pocket, literally! Make sure your users stay glued to your site, no matter where they are! Launch chatrooms and one-on-one chats from anywhere. With this beautifully designed webapp, your users will not miss another conversation or another smile.

Chatrooms, now with the much awaited moderation feature!

1. Kick first time offenders Kick is the latest and probably one of the loudest chatroom features in version 4.6. It lets chatroom owners and moderators simply kick out another user from a chatroom. They can use kick to drop a hint to annoying users before banning them permanently.

2. Ban them permanently Your users do not have to be stuck with an annoying user anymore. Chatroom owners and moderators can now ban a member from a chatroom. Ban and unban your chatroom members anytime you like.

3. Chat History You aren’t new to this plugin but what’s interesting is that chat history has now found its way into our chatrooms too. Retrieve your chatroom conversations and recall them whenever!

Games, now more competitive! Packed with an entirely new set of exciting and addictive games, this plugin makes sure your users never get bored again. What’s new? Leaderboard on the games module tracks your score and games. Don’t worry, next time you get a high score, leaderboard will record it for you. Our new games plugin has over 10,000+ games and our competitive leaderboard feature will ensure your users are glued to your site.

Your popups, your way! Plugins like writeboard, whiteboard, screen sharing and smilies can be given a new look in seconds. Re-size these popups so that they look good with your site. Yes it’s that simple!

Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes We have added support for LinkedIn, transliterate plugin fix for chatrooms and improved join-room and smilies plugin. 100s of bugs have been fixed in this version to ensure to a smoother seamless process. Improved delivery performance of numeric and alpha numeric characters over one-on-one chats makes CometChat v4.6 the most appealing and fascinating version yet.

Get CometChat v4.6!

Loaded with brand new features and enhancements, CometChat v4.6 should definitely be on your wish list! What are you waiting for? Purchase CometChat today! or contact us if you have any questions. Already have CometChat? Download CometChat or purchase our installation service if you would like us to perform the upgrade.

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