April 3, 2012

CometChat v4.4 - The most beautiful CometChat ever

Behold! The most beautiful looking CometChat has arrived. v4.4 updates make CometChat more gorgeous than ever before.

What’s New

Inline Plugins

Beautifully re-written code now loads plugins within your browser window. CometChat will no longer open popups in ugly browser windows. Keep your users truly on your site. Your users can move plugins around the page and have them all available together.

Launch chatrooms and have text chat, video conferencing, screen-sharing, writeboard and other plugins active at the same time! Collaboration couldn’t get any simpler.

Sleek Scroller

We know that the browser default scroll-bars don’t look good. So we’ve have added new Facebook-style scroll bars to enhance the look of the Who’s Online list and chat boxes. Finally, a scroll bar that looks a part of CometChat.

WYSIWYG Theme Creator

Our new themes module in the CometChat Administration Panel enables you to create your own theme in seconds. Use the horizontal scroller to match colors to your site or manually edit the hex values. Any changes are automatically reflected for all CometChat plugins and modules.

New Sharing Options

We have added support for Google+ and Pinterest!

New Smileys!

We have done away with our old boring smileys and replaced them with a brand new set! Now your users have over 30 smileys to express how they feel in a conversation.

8 New Language Packs

We now provide ready front-end language packs for English, Arabic, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Add the language pack directly from your CometChat Admin Panel and be up and running in minutes!

Facebook Chat using your own Facebook Application

You can now connect to your own Facebook Application (instead of ours). For sites which already use Facebook Connect, this feature becomes invaluable as your users do not have to give permissions (Facebook permission popup) twice.

Jabber/XMPP Support

CometChat now allows your users to connect to your own Jabber/XMPP server. This feature is ideal for enterprise customers who already have a Jabber server running and want to use CometChat as their front-end (on their portal/intranet/site).

CometService for Chatrooms

Reduce your server load even further by enabling CometService/alternatives for chatrooms. With CometService enabled on your site, you can bid goodbye to any load related issues. Handle over 100,000 users with ease and minimal server load.

New Caching Mechanism

Tired of clearing browser cache every time you make a change to CometChat? Our new advanced caching mechanism automatically handles this for you after any modification in the CometChat Administration Panel. The on-the-fly reduction algorithm reduces over 20% of the CometChat core code. Faster, lighter and a lot more efficient.

Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes

Desktop messenger support, real-time translation fix for CometService, improved Twitter plugin, Facebook/Gtalk chat tweaks, administration panel updates and design enhancements make v4.4 the most beautiful, efficient and feature-loaded version ever.

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