CometChat Mobile SDK v1.3.9 – New Improved Chat layout!

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September 7, 2015
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    The CometChat SDK seamlessly integrates with your existing mobile application and lets you add chat functionality to your app. We are happy to announce a new release of the Mobile Chat SDK! In this new release, our sample apps come with a more polished UI enabling you to quickly add chat to your app.

    Mobile Chat SDK for iOS & Android

    What’s new?

    Revamped Chat layout The Sample App for Mobile SDK is now revamped! We have come up with a new chat layout for one-on-one chat as well as chatrooms.

    Blog - MobileSDK v1.3.9 revamp2

    Delete Chatroom We have added a new Delete Chatroom functionality to our SDK as well.

    Get The CometChat Mobile SDK for iOS & Android

    The CometChat Mobile SDK is compatible with all editions of CometChat. Simply decide on the features you need and go for it! (Audio/Video Chat is supported only in CometChat Platinum Edition). Purchase CometChat with Mobile SDK Or Purchase the Mobike SDK if you already have CometChat. If you do not have a mobile app, then you can have a look at our White-labelled Mobile Chat App which are ready to use mobile apps with your site’s branding! Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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