July 9, 2015

CometChat Mobile Apps Updated in Google and iTunes Store

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the update of our CometChat Mobile Apps in the Google and iTunes Store. We’re back with some amazing new features that will definitely delight your users.

Mobile App v2.0

Whats New?

CometChat Cloud Support! Site owners using CometChat Cloud (for Ning, SocialEngine Cloud and others) can now enable their users to chat using our mobile apps!


  1. You can now change the background color of the top bar, text color in the top bar, background color of the chat bubble, text color in the chat bubble and the color of the tabs at the bottom!
  2. You can change the background color of the login screen

Social Login Support If you are using our Social Login feature in CometChat, then you can now let your users login using their Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus credentials in the app as well.

Social Authentication Login

Guest Login Support If you have guest login option enabled in CometChat, then your guests can now login using the mobile apps as well! They can also customize their name during login.

Guest Login

Push Notification for Announcements Now your users will never miss an announcement! They will not only be able to view the announcements in the app, but also receive a push notification whenever you send an announcement.

Chatroom Members Your users can view other chatroom members by selecting the chatroom of which they wish to see the members, tap on the “…” button and select “View Members”.

Chatroom Members

Notification Control Are notifications disturbing your users in an important meeting? We have a solution for it! Your users can control the way they would like to get notified. They can choose to get notified using sound or/and vibration or not get notified at all.

View User Profiles Your users can now view the profile and details of other users.

Download the updated CometChat Mobile App

Download the CometChat App from the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store and let the fun begin!

You can test by clicking on our “Try a demo feature” in the login screen.

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