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December 16, 2019
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    At CometChat, we're on a mission to help you add chat to your website and mobile app through tools that are simple enough for anyone to use yet robust enough to power the world's most demanding apps. To realize this mission, we are constantly improving our product and resources. Here’s a summary of what changed in December.

    CometChat Pro

    This month we made a conscious effort to simplify our pricing, making it transparent and predictable:

    New users will enroll in an unlimited 30-day no-obligation free trial. At the end of their trial, they can decide to upgrade or get in touch with someone from our team who will be more than happy to help.

    💡 Already have an app and haven’t chose a plan?

    Search your inbox for "CometChat Pro Pricing Plans” for more information about how to choose a plan. If you never received an email with this subject, don’t worry - that means no action is needed from you.

    In other good news, this month we released our comprehensive Sketch UI kit:

    And I am here to tell you this is the last chat UI kit you’ll ever need. It includes everything - that means over 1,000 screens and components (in light and dark variants) for Android, iOS, and the web.

    For all components, you’ll easily find a CometChat Pro function to bring them to life, exactly how you imagined. This free UI kit is just one step closer towards our mission to provide you with everything you need to build chat easily then launch with confidence.

    Click here for more information about the CometChat chat UI kit.

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