CometChat 6.6 – A Developer’s Delight

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July 11, 2017
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    We recently released the latest version of CometChat which included performance boosters for developers to have a smooth experience along with some bug fixes.

    We also did something for our customers this 4th of July to join in the celebration!

    4th of July Stickers

    4th of July Stickers

    To keep up with the Independence Day spirit, we launched exclusive stickers for your users so that they can express their patriotism with more than just words.

    Performance Boosters

    WordPress Chat Plugin

    To make it simpler for WordPress site owners, we have now introduced a brand new WordPress Plugin! All you need to do is add your CometChat license key and our plugin will do the rest!

    New Android SDK (beta) with source code for UI

    Our new Android SDK includes complete source code for our UI. Now, you can easily build on top of our existing UI and expand the CometChat functionality. Our iOS SDK with source code for UI is also in the works and will be available shortly.

    MSSQL Support

    Our latest release now includes out-of-the-box support for MSSQL and enables you to benefit from our auto-update mechanism as well.

    Miscellaneous New Features

    1. We have added a new setting which enables you to resize the chat boxes in our Docked Layout.
    2. We have added a new Javascript API to query the number of unread notifications.
    3. We have added a new Javascript API to help programmatically launch a group chat box in Docked Layout.

    Get CometChat v6.6

    CometChat PHP (Self-Hosted)

    Get our latest chat software & experience a phenomenal increase in the time spent by your users on your site and app.

    Get CometChat v6.6

    Already have CometChat? Download CometChat or purchase our installation service if you would like us to perform the upgrade.

    CometChat Cloud

    Version 6.6 is live for all CometChat Cloud customers.

    Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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