October 23, 2019

An honest guide: How to choose the best WordPress chat plugin

Skipping a live chat option on your WordPress website is no longer an option. Every WordPress website needs some form of chat plugin. Where most people fall short is assuming that all of them are the same.

Many WordPress chat plugins offer the same features, while others go the extra mile to offer additional tools that make their chat unique and intuitive. Ultimately it all depends on what you're trying to achieve!

In this post I am going to compare the following 6 WordPress chat plugins:

  1. CometChat
  2. FreshChat
  3. WP Live Chat
  4. Olark
  5. HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Plugin
  6. Live Chat

This list is by no means exhaustive but it represents a broad enough range of differnet types of chat plugins becuse like I mentioned - they are not all the same.


First, let’s take a look at CometChat. This plugin offers solutions for WordPress developers and webmasters looking for a plug and play solution. You can quickly ad in-app messaging features to your website by copying and pasting the code to initiate the chat:

One major advantage we see of CometChat over the competitors is the member-based chat. Unlike most WordPress chat plugins that only allow you to offer “live chat support,” CometChat allows you to create members-only chats where members of different groups can talk to each other.

CometChat is Go was built specifically for WordPress and is free to start with different pricing options that grow as your business grows.

  • Pros:
  • ✅ White-label plugin
  • ✅ Drop docked or embedded chat
  • ✅ Plug and play option
  • ✅ Members chats
  • Cons:
  • ❌ No agent dashboard for customer support on website


Next, let’s take a look at a more traditional customer support chat option. Freshchat allows you to offer customer support to leads as they land on your website. This software works well for people looking to convert leads on the site.

Freshchat has triggered messages that will pop-up when someone completes a certain action. They also offer bots to help qualify leads with customized workflows.

As for customer support, you can have a customer service agent sign in and resolve customer issues or inquiries on the front end.

  • Pros
  • ✅ Ideal for customer support
  • Cons
  • ❌ Not specifically built for WordPress
  • ❌ Doesn't really allow much customisation
  • ❌ Pricing start at $15 per team member

WP Live Chat

If you’re looking for a free WordPress chat plugin, you’ll like WP Live Chat. The software is basic and allows you to start chats with site visitors and use some of your own branding on the chatbox. You can use unlimited agents with this chat plugin and allow your website visitors to rate the quality of your chats:

  • Pros
  • ✅ Free forever
  • ✅ Contains many standard features
  • Cons
  • ❌ On the same page WP Live Chat mentions "easy to install and manage" but also complicated terms like "Cloud PBX" and "SIP Trunks" making it hard say how easy it really us
  • ❌ Free means you can't guarntee it'll be around forever
  • ❌ No support for their customers


Olark is a powerful live chat option that offers an endless array of features. You can track chat frequency and store the data in the CRM of your choice. You also get helpdesk integration with desk.com or Zendesk. Users can also group customer service operators together to keep track of different teams.

This chat plugin even allows the operators to control the user's screen to help them through an issue. As you can see, this is a great customer service plugin, but it doesn’t offer any feature that allows site members to communicate with each other.

  • Pros
  • ✅ Loaded with features
  • ✅ White label option ($59 upgrade)
  • Cons
  • ❌ Pricey at $12-$17 per agent
  • ❌ The pricing strucutre is confusing and misleading

HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Plugin

The HubSpot chat plugin allows you to convert leads that land on your website. You can link the software up with their CRM and gain access to all the other features of HubSpot. This includes features like their marketing, sales, and educational resources.

You can also use the HubSpot plugin to design forms and overlay pop-ups to integrate into your website marketing strategy. Overall, this plugin is mostly useful for marketing and lead generation purposes.

  • Pros
  • ✅ Integration with HubSpot
  • ✅ Loaded with tools
  • Cons
  • ❌ More than a small business needs
  • ❌ Expensive and confusing pricing structure

Live Chat

Live chat is a familiar name for many. This plugin has been in the game since 2002, and what they offer is similar to many of the other more affordable customer service based live chats. You can greet visitors as they land on your site, and you’re always a click away.

The plugin also allows you to make the first contact with a lead, and you get a complete history of every chat on your site. The main issue we have with Live Chat is the price. It’s $16 a month per agent, and that only increases as you grow.

  • Pros
  • ✅ Longevity and reliabiliy
  • ✅ Primairly for customer support
  • Cons
  • ❌ Pricey
  • ❌ Only basic features