December 15, 2014

The Darwinism of Chat - An Infographic

The Darwinism of Chat - An Infographic

Long ago, the communication between human beings was done through actions, which then transformed into drawings, wall-paintings, written communication(letters and then later through emails), oral communication (through phones), SMSes and now with the advent of technology through social media and chat applications for IM.


This post will walk you through the Darwinism of Chat!

History of communication

A brief idea on how communication was carried in the prehistoric times.


Oral Communication vs Written Communication

The two standard forms of communication have their own importance.


Social Media

A platform that has established itself so well that it needs no introduction. The name itself is enough – Facebook!



The text messages, now called SMSes (Short Messaging Services) are a widely used form of communication.


Chat Apps and IMs

With the number of smartphone users increasing at a mind-boggling rate, the number of apps available for keeping them connected are also unimaginable.


The future for chat is definitely bright as seen from where we are today. The technology available is making virtual world a reality and perhaps bringing a new era of communication.

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