October 22, 2013

New Jamroom 5 and ILIAS Integration

CometChat with Jamroom 5

Jamroom 5 is a powerful open-source Social Network System that has been designed to be as flexible and customizable as possible. Jamroom 5 is an open-source Social Media System – this means that Jamroom 5 code runs on your server and is 100% under your control.

CometChat adds various real-time networking features to Jamroom including: – CometChat’s chatroom feature enables users to chat with each other in private and public. – One can easily connect and share videos, photos, files and much more. – The gaming feature makes sure your users are entertained. – Also, CometChat has many plugins like screen-sharing, real-time translation which make a social networking site complete. Add CometChat to Jamroom 5 today and increase your site interactivity immediately! Learn more about the new Jamroom 5 chat!

CometChat for Ilias

Ilias is a powerful system suited for web-based learning or e-Learning, as known in the internet world. It is an open source multi-purpose tool which acts as a knowledge base and a digital library for institutions and companies. By offering courses and learning materials, Ilias evolves as an assistance and collaboration platform for projects and teams associated with the e-Learning website. The fact that public and private institutions are already utilizing privileges of Ilias justifies the flexibility and versatility held out by it.

Being the feature packed application that CometChat is; it provides various fruitful aspects for Ilias apart from chatting. – With Broadcasting Feature, one way communications can be availed by teachers to conduct lectures and impart knowledge to a batch of students concurrently. – Group Chat module bundled with CometChat allows students to discuss about a topic and eradicate their doubts straightaway. – CometChat is also geared up with features like Writeboard, Whiteboard, Screensharing and many such features which can be optimized for better learning purposes. CometChat is now teamed up with Ilias which will surely impart a superlative e-learning experience Learn more about the new Ilias chat!

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