Category: Releases

Role Based Access & Brand New SDK Architecture in CometChat 6.7

CometChat’s new role based access control (RBAC) helps you grant access to certain features to a particular category of users. If your site/app has different user roles, you can now easily restrict CometChat features for each role, offering your users a personalized experience.

CometChat 6.6 – A Developer’s Delight

New Android Chat SDK (with complete source code for UI), WordPress Chat Plugin, 4th of July Stickers and more in CometChat 6.6!

CometChat 6.5 Now Available With Ready-to-use Chat Bots

CometChat 6.5 now comes with ready-to-use bots! You can use chat bots to pull up stock information, accept PayPal payments, learn about the weather, show relevant GIF images and more, without ever leaving CometChat. That’s not all, CometChat 6.5 adds support for PHP 7 and includes hundreds of minor fixes and tweaks!

Never miss a conversation with CometChat 6.4

CometChat 6.4 Now Available with Offline Messaging and Recent Contacts Tab along with a brand new Admin Panel! Customising CometChat is easier than ever! This release also includes various enhancements to our auto-update feature.

Now, Bots will travel with your users!

Chats are now more engaging with Chat Bots. We have now added support for chat bots in our Mobile Apps. Users can interact with each other and ask bots to assist with news, weather info, images, etc.