June 14, 2016

Case Study: CometChat for WordPress - Eli Etherton!

Case Study: CometChat for WordPress - Eli Etherton!

GeekBrainDump is a community blogging (WordPress) site owned by Eli Etherton. This site focuses on giving techs heads up about technologies or business concepts that they may not have heard about before so that they can have a better idea of what is available to them now, or will be in the future. Eli was in search for an ideal solution that would make his simple blogging site more social. His main aim was to allow the authors on this site to be able to interact with each other. “What I want really, is for these guys to be able to talk to each other. So I have all these authors, who are all trying to get to do something in the world so how can I have them communicate more in a real-time fashion…?” After looking for a zillion free options for WordPress chat plugin, Eli decided to go back to CometChat which he had used earlier when he had his community. - - - - - -

What led you to CometChat?

WordPress chat plugin

- - - - - -

CometChat readily integrates with WordPress. Your users can initiate chat and lot more from anywhere, anytime. All features of CometChat including audio/video chat, screen-sharing, games, real-time translation and more will work effortlessly with your site. Watch Eli talk about how CometChat worked best for his WordPress site.

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Empower your website with the latest version of our PHP chat software & experience a phenomenal increase in user interactivity. Purchase CometChat Or Download CometChat for WordPress if you have already purchased. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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