Best WordPress Social Network Plugins For Online Communities

In the presence of strong social media platforms, it has become a challenge to make robust social networks and draw an engaging online community to your own website. However, with some good WordPress social network plugins, you can make your community websites more interactive, resulting in healthy online community building.

WP Symposium

WP symposium helps you make a strong social network on your website with simple steps. Like many other social network plugins, WP symposium doesn’t have any compatibility issue with any of the WordPress themes. Apart from activity wall, features of private emails, chat rooms and notification bar make it a very intriguing choice for social networking.


UserPro is one of the best social network plugin options for creating an online community. This plugin has wonderful integration capabilities, therefore, you can integrate it with many other WordPress plugins. This plugin helps users make a profile that looks much like any other social media profile (with Twitter-like verified badges, custom header, options to follow/unfollow and many other custom fields). The search option in member directory is incorporated with custom search and filter options. The plugin possesses a responsive design. You can cater to different user experiences for better SEO and community building. Due to the inclusion of the latest CSS in its web design, you are provided with a wide range of options to customize the look of the plugin. The thing that makes UserPro distinctive among its contemporaries is that users can synchronize their social media profiles ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc) with their UserPro account for better social networking experience.

Ultimate Member

This plugin works on the principle that easier sign-up process revs up the process of community building. With this WordPress plugin, users can easily become members of your community on front-end of the website. You can also create a multi-layered access to your content by providing members with free and paid packages; through this feature, you can make a lucrative social network. Multi-layered access also ensures that non-paying members can reach enough content to remain part of your online community without losing interest.

Users Ultra

Last but not the least, this template can be used to create an online community in a jiffy. Users are provided with multiple sign-up options where they can log in by using either their email or their social media accounts. Apart from better customization and integration capabilities, this template also uses reCaptcha to protect your online community with bots and spammers. By using any of the above mentioned WordPress social network plugin, you can successfully build an online community on your own.