10 Best Web Development Blogs for Beginners

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October 1, 2015
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    Web development is much more than making a pretty website, it’s about creating a unique experience, not just for the traffic, but for the user as well. People find web development a daunting task because of the unique demands of clients who want different levels of customizations on their website. Now if you don’t have the experience and proficiency in coding, you’re probably losing a large chunk of customers who want to get a website built and much more. That being said, if you have a passion for coding and want to become a web developer, there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t pursue it as a career. Given how generous the internet is when it comes to resources for beginners, we have outlined the 10 best web development blogs that you must follow to improve your coding skills.


    1. A List Apart A List Apart is one of the most popular web development blogs currently and tackles a host of challenges relating to HTML, CSS, and CMS development. Even advanced developers can find it useful since it addresses common issues web developers may face while migrating, maintaining, or upgrading a website. Score: 4.5/ 5

    2. Developer Drive Becoming a WordPress developer may sound like an enticing prospect, especially given the number of websites that are hosted, maintained, and managed on the platform. Developer Drive is where you get hundreds of tutorials on creating building, functional, and responsive websites on WordPress. Score: 4/ 5

    3. Net Tuts Plus If you are looking for a new developer’s heaven, you won’t find many blogs better than Net Tuts Plus. With over 70,000 Facebook fans and 65,000 Twitter followers, this blog engages its audience with hundreds of tutorials and guides on starting your career as a web developer. Score: 5/ 5

    4. Sitepoint Sitepoint is the go-to blog for virtually any web development training, guides, and resources, all for free. The blog covers everything from freelance web development to social media and e-commerce development. Score: 4/ 5

    5. Webmonkey Webmonkey is ideal for coding tips and best practices in developing APIs, software, platforms, and web design. The user-friendly blog makes it easy for you to find whatever you’re looking for! Score: 4.5/ 5

    6. WebAppers This is the ultimate blog for open source web development and offers great resources on developing plugins, applications, APIs, and staying on top of your game with responsive web design. Score: 4/ 5

    7. Web Developer Plus A great resource for aspiring WordPress and other CMS developers that can help you get started the right way with web development. Score: 3.5/ 5

    8. Webitect The blog is geared towards developers, designers, and freelancers, and is a great source to learn to code the easy way while providing recommendations on streamlining jobs and improve cash flow! Score: 4/ 5

    9. Digital Inspiration Digital Inspiration covers a wide range of topics in general development on the web and is ideal for anyone who is looking to diversify their development experience. If you are a technology geek, then this blog is just what you need to stay up to date with the latest news and updates in the development world. Score: 5/ 5

    10. Our Blog Our blog is a great resource for guides, tutorials, and tips on best practices in web development, troubleshooting database, and backend issues, and much more all under one roof. Our blog is the ultimate source to start life as a web developer and offers great insight for pro developers as well! Score: You be the judge!

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