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We are CometChat ☄️ [https://www.cometchat.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

We are CometChat ☄️, a TechStars Boulder 2019 alumni on a mission to make adding any chat experience you can imagine to your new or existing app as simple as possible, but not simpler. We power around 10 million conversations a month and so while you may not have heard of us, there is a good chance you have sent a message through our platform.

This year, we decided to invest the time and energy to completely rebuild our brand. We had several demands of our new branding. We wanted it to reflect our updated goals and ambitions, showing in its style and writing the progression we’ve made over the past years. And at the same time, it had to be ready for the years to come, in which we're still looking to expand and accomplish so much more. Oh, and because our CometChat Pro product is a developer tool, it had to have a lovely dark theme.


CometChat Pro is an innovative developer platform. We provide intuitive chat SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript (which can all talk together, making cross-platform chat a breeze). What makes us special is our best-in-class tutorials, open source examples, support, and our clever extensions platform which I’ll touch on in a moment.

You can think about Pro a bit like a lego set. You need to exercise your creativity and developer skills to build an exceptional chat experience, but we give you all the fundamental blocks. Bringing the analogy back to code, these blocks look like functions and events like sendMessage and onNewMessage.

What makes CometChat unique is extensions. When coding a chat app with CometChat, you start by connecting to our cloud-hosted platform before coding out the basics which might include group chat, user presence, read indicators, maybe even some moderation features! You’ll likely then realise your chat can benefit from other features like push notifications, email notifications (in case the user hasn’t opted-in to push notifications), link previews, thumbnails, automatic image moderation, and more. We have innovative, exceptionally simple extensions for all of those use-cases and more and there are more coming:

As developers ourselves, we know what it feels like to get frustrated with difficult-to-navigate documentation, example code that doesn’t even run and painfully verbose YouTube videos. Hence, we founded a subteam of tutorial writers with the sole aim of showing you how to be as productive as possible with CometChat Pro. Because our SDKs are cross-platform, we code our open-source examples (which all have tutorials) to work together across platforms too:

Cross-platform chat is a breeze. Vue one-on-one chat application (left) allowing usrs to chat with an iOS user on the right.


Turns out, writing code is not the only way to build a product or business. Also, just because you can write code, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. It may be quicker to prove your concept without code.

Our CometChat Go product is a chat plugin which enables you to add a chat room to any website without code. Moreover, you can connect this chat room with your current user management system to enable users to chat together on a one-on-one basis.

If CometChat Pro is a set of small lego, CometChat Go is a big fat block. You can change the color, put your brand on it, even connect it with your current user management system allowing only logged-in or premium users to chat, but what you gain in speed, you substitute in flexibility. The good news? It is fast to implement and suitable for many applications. Once you have more demanding requirements, you can look at coding (or hiring a coder to build) the ultimate chat experience with CometChat Pro. Due to our evolution, these products run independently but in the near future we will be offering one, unified platform which is something for any Go user to look forward to as it means CometChat Go can benefit from the work we’ve been doing on extensions, and more.

The new CometChat

CometChat was founded over ten years ago in bustling Mumbai where, at the time, there was no start-up community to speak of. Fast forward to today and despite the odds, CometChat is now based in Boulder, Colorado and trusted by 50,000+ customers around the world. If you are building a chat feature now or in the future, I hope you consider one of our products.

Team CometChat

We build chat and messaging SDKs that let you quickly code a full-featured chat experience into any mobile or web app.

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