October 14, 2019

Announcing Human Moderation, and why you shouldn't code chat from scratch

Announcing Human Moderation, and why you shouldn't code chat from scratch

When starting a new project, you know what you know and you know what you don't know, but it's what you don't know you don't know that will get you 😱.

That's why productive teams do spikes to gather information and to determine how much work will be required. But no amount of planning or testing will let you know exactly what your users expect from your product. Everyone basically knows this, which is why doubling estimates is a common practice. But what if even that misses the mark? You need to get back into a sprint meeting and possibly even compromise your roadmap. In the end, if building chat is not core to your business, it’s all just a big distraction from your mission.

It’s a bit unglamorous for me to admit but chances are, chat is not core to the business problem you’re solving. Still, you understand that connecting your users can drive serious retention, engagement, and customer satisfaction. That is where CometChat and our new Human Moderation extension comes in.

Our tools help you build chat fast so you can get back to what you really want to be doing. We give you the UI components and SDKs for all the chat problems you know you know, and because we have so much experience building chat, we can help you with the things you haven’t thought of yet as well. One of those things probably is moderation.

Announcing Human Moderation extension

We understand that innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That's why we're continuously building extensions that help you connect our chat to other services, like push notifications or end-to-end encryption, even faster.

If you’re unfamiliar with CometChat Pro, it's an SDK for building chat. We give you the functions like "connect", "sendMessage", "fetchMessageHistory", "start" and "stopTypingIndicator". All messages go through our cloud-powered platform where it makes no difference whether you’re sending one message or one billion. Extensions are our way to help you connect third-party or additional CometChat services like human moderation very quickly.

We just released our Human Moderation extension. It allows you or a moderator on your team to review messages before allowing them through:

Here is a quick video preview:

Human Moderation extension in action

Now, if your first reaction is: “this is too much work” because you have a lot of users, you may be right. For you, we have developed a Sentiment Analysis Extension which automatically detects angry or offensive language. Using this information, you can show either a warning or drop the message completely.

But let me give you some of examples of where our Human Moderation Extension really shines ✨. Imagine you are hosting a conference and wish to allow all participants to chat on your app. Maybe even render the chat messages on the big screen like I saw at HackCambridge:

6+ hours in and everyone is still hard at work! 👌🏽 #Hacker #hack_cambridge #HackCambridgeTernary pic.twitter.com/aZs7z7u0wm

— Hack Cambridge (@Hack_Cambridge) January 20, 2018

It's very likely a troll will try posting something crude. Our extension would allow you to moderate messages as they come in.

You could, for instance, use CometChat to power your QnA, only allowing approved questions into the chat. Panelists could then read questions off the screen and answer them in real time. I saw something similar at React London a couple of years ago:

Here’s another example, this one a bit 'out there'. Imagine if the producers of the Bachelorette or Big Brother wanted to add a unique twist to their show by allowing contestants to send messages to each other - almost like a propriety SnapChat.

By building their app with CometChat, they could enable themselves to have visibility and moderate all messages, and stop team members colluding or cheating. All with a flick of a switch.

These are the kind of things we think about here. And it makes me happy to say that when you implement CometChat you’ll receive weekly updates and get early access to extensions like this one, meaning you will always have cutting-edge chat in your product. If you haven’t already, create an account and explore the dashboard.

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