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November 17, 2016
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    As you know by now, CometChat has a new look with the v6.2 release and keeping in line with that change we are proud to announce the release of White-Labelled Mobile Chat apps v2.7.0.

    White Labelled Mobile Apps

    So, what’s new you ask?

    The “Less-Is-More” UI

    Delight your users with the new White-labelled Mobile chat apps. Users get to use their favorite features without searching for them, thanks to the newly designed UI that derives its philosophy from the zen teaching of simplicity and minimalism. Less is More!

    Clean User Interface - White Labelled Mobile Chat App

    More power to conversations.

    Let your users take control of their conversations, everything they need for an engaging conversation is just a swipe or tap away.

    The entire experience is designed around giving users a place where they talk about and share what matters most to them.

    Whether it is a song they composed to impress someone.

    Send Voice Notes with ease using the All-New CometChat Mobile Apps

    Or sharing news that really matter to them 🙂

    Stickers in your White-labelled Mobile Chat App

    Or planning something fun as a group.

    Group Chat in White-labelled Mobile App

    Slick new interactions.

    The new White Labelled Mobile Apps offer a rich and tactile user experience. Users will love the new interactions that pop and create a lasting impression in their minds, wanting to come back for more.

    Slick Chat Integrations

    So what are you waiting for?

    CometChat PHP (Self-Hosted)

    Purchase CometChat with White-labelled Mobile chat app

    Or purchase just our White-labelled Mobile App if you already have CometChat or purchase our re-compilation service if you would like us to upgrade your existing mobile apps.

    For audio/video chat & screen sharing (viewing only) on mobile, you will need our Platinum Edition.

    CometChat Cloud

    You can subscribe to our Mobile App add-on in your members area after you subscribe to CometChat Cloud.

    Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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