8 Best Joomla Extension Booking Templates for Travel Agencies

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January 24, 2018
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    Selecting the right booking template is important for any online travel agency as it presents more opportunity for business growth. You will find many Joomla extension booking templates online. However, not all of them contain the important features required for a travel agency.

    We have scoured the net and selected for you eight best Joomla extension booking templates that are perfect for travel agencies.

    JB Tour

    JB Tour is a great Joomla extension that is specially created for travel agencies. The extension consists of extensive features that are suited for a day trip, package, and charter operators of different sizes. The best thing about the extension is that it has an easy-to-use interface. Also, the extension supports features relating to different tour packages including joined group tour, private tour, room type pricing model, and more.


    The free version of this Joomla extension is adequate for creating a simple reservation or booking system for hotels. You can also upgrade the extension if you want additional functionalities by selecting any of the 160+ modules.

    JHotel Researvation

    This Joomla extension can automate the process of reservation allowing online booking and reservations. Incorporating the extension will result in increased efficiency of the lodging facility management.


    YJBooking is yet another great Joomla extension for travel agencies. The extension helps in promoting resort packages and travel destinations by date. You can offer travel packages in a drop-down menu and let the visitors select the desired package or destination. An email containing customer information and destination is automatically sent to a travel agent who can contact the customer to explain the package details and book the destination.


    Solidress is a great extension for creating a hotel booking system. The extension is free that you can download and install an unlimited number of websites. It has been designed for room-based bookings. However, you can also customize the extension for other types of property bookings including B&B, villas, apartment, campsite, and guest house. The extension supports MVC structure that is the Joomla coding standard. This means that you can modify the extension or add additional features if required.

    Booking Calendar

    Booking calendar is a great extension for managing and displaying available packages. The calendar extension is simple to use and manage. It also supports multi-language allowing you to translate the content into different languages.

    Rentalot Plus

    Rentalot Plus provides a comprehensive solution for holiday rental property bookings. The extension allows you to manage the database of all the customers.


    EasyAppointment is a great solution for travel agents to manage the appointments. The customer can view a calendar with available hours for reservation. They can easily make an appointment using a two-step process. The above extensions can help in managing reservations for holiday tours and hotel packages. You can select an extension that best matches your service requirements.

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