7 Joomla Extensions for Viral Content Websites

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May 25, 2016
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    Viral content websites such as Lad Bible, Someecards, Viral Hog, and more are the face of the internet today, after Buzzfeed of course. The beauty of viral content is that it could be anything, a comic perspective on news, weird stories of famous people, or something related to sports. The one thing that makes any content ‘viral’ is how it is marketed, and for that, website owners and admins look for reliable plugins (WordPress), extensions (Joomla), or modules (Drupal). Joomla has earned a reputation as a popular CMS for content based websites. It is part of the Big Three in CMS along with WordPress and Drupal, and subsequently has a large number of popular websites that it hosts. Other than being user-friendly, Joomla has various extensions that website owners, admins, and content producers make use of to increase and sustain their outreach. So without further ado, here are 7 Joomla extensions every viral content site needs to have in 2016.

    Joomla extensions
    1. JFBConnect Probably the hottest property on Joomla right now that allows you to connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and other accounts to share your content with one single click, this extension is highly customizable with over 50 social widgets to make your content go viral.
    2. Flickr Suite Content Flicker Suite Content is an awesome extension that lets you display pictures and videos from Flickr onto your website with simple short codes. This extension lets you geotag pictures and grant access to users to download the content which you get to display as a photo, slider, and thumbnail!
    3. Jusertube YouTube is essential for keeping your website visitors hooked and Jusertube is possibly the best extension to do the job. Highly responsive and flexible, Jusertube lets you not only integrate your YouTube profile but you can also add playlists, favorite videos, and any video(s) that would go well with your content.
    4. ITPSocialSubscribe ITPSocialSubscribe is a user-friendly extension that is similar in some ways to JFBConnect but different when it comes to getting ‘social subscribers’. This extension lets you add widgets on posts and pages of your website in any way you like!
    5. jSecure Security is often taken for granted when it shouldn’t be and jSecure is an extension that lets you protect your backend admin console. This extension adds another key into the URL of backend administration, making it difficult for hackers to penetrate your database.
    6. SocialAds Most viral content sites rely on advertisement and SocialAds is one extension that scales this important process across Facebook Ads and Google AdWords amongst other advertising solutions. You can now make the process of earning from an important source incredibly easy.
    7. CometChat It is predicted that more content viral sites will be deploying the live chat feature following this year, and CometChat is an extension that lets you stay at the top of your game. It supports live text, audio, and video chat while you can also play mini-games, share awesome emojis and create chat groups!

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