January 13, 2016

7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Developers

Whether you are a nontechnical user or developer, you know as a fact that WordPress is truly a blessing with its wide range of plugins and tools that change the way you use the CMS. For developers who want to create a unique website, WordPress offers a wide range of tools that improve your site’s functionality.


So today, we’ll discuss some of the crucial WordPress plugins that can work wonders for developers. These plugins can not only improve functionality and enrich the community, but also make it easier to plan and manage tasks. Here are seven essential plugins you must have.

  1. HTML5 jQuery Audio Player We’ll start off with HTML5 jQuery Audio Player, which in my opinion is the most powerful audio player available on the CMS. It allows you to insert single audio tracks, full playlists, and more using short codes and also boasts customization of the entire audio system.
  2. Developer Known simply as Developer, this plugin by GitHub will give you the power of development in one centrally managed console. You can optimize your development environment to create a powerful website that your website users will definitely enjoy.
  3. WP Limit Login Attempts One of the simplest plugins, WP Limit Login Attempts lets you limit the rate of login attempts made by a user and block ID addresses temporarily to protect your website from potential threats. With Captcha verification and mechanism to slow down potential attacks, you definitely have a great plugin for your Business Disaster Recovery (BDR) strategy with this!
  4. Query Monitor Query Monitor is quite useful as it helps developers debug queries and resolve issues conveniently. You can optimize PHP issues as the plugin notifies when queries are slow or riddled with errors. You also get to leverage on a number of filter query options that make it convenient for you to debug performance issues.
  5. Theme Check Theme Check is definitely one of the must-have plugins for anyone who develops themes on WordPress. Theme Check lets users test and verify their themes and make sure that they are up to the latest standards in themes as set by the WordPress community.
  6. WP Editor WP Editor will replace the standard editor, theme editor, and page and post editor plugins with something that you will definitely enjoy working on. WP Editor gives you a rich editing environment and seamlessly integrated the FancyBox and CodeMirror to make file editing more convenient than ever. It also provides in-line numbers and line wrapping so you can easily find codes and edit them when the need arises.
  7. Debug Bar Last we have the Debug Bar, which is in some ways similar to Query Monitor but different in others. Debug Bar adds a new menu to your dashboard where you can get information on items like total query, total query time, cache, and other debugging information. When you enable the WP_DEBUG, you get to track the PHP Warnings and Notices much more conveniently!