7 Best Drag and Drop Builders for Joomla Website

Joomla backend platform has been known for being complicated. That’s why most people prefer WordPress platform.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Joomla backend platform has been known for being complicated. That’s why most people prefer WordPress platform. However, today a lot of Joomla extensions are available that can help you to create and modify a website without the need for complex coding.

Here are seven best Joomla page builders that allow you to easily create a website using drag and drop.


Quicx is a Joomla webpage builder that allows making a website quick and less confusing. You can create a responsive eCommerce website within minutes. The page builder supports powerful rendering engine and advanced caching mechanism that speeds up the page load time.

SP Page Builder

SP Page Builder is yet another good drag-and-drop Joomla website creator. The extension allows you to create custom pages with different features. The application uses rows-and-columns approach to creating a website layout.

Page Builder CK

For creating a custom Joomla website with styling interface, you should consider using Page Builder CK. The extension allows you to easily create the content with drag and drop. Also, you can make use of predefined elements to add functionalities to the webpage. Using the page builder, you can create custom pages using tabs, accordions, styles, and icons.


Azura website builder allows you to create a website using ready to use content elements. You can customize every element with different options such as style, animation, and typography. In this way, you can create a unique website without the knowledge of coding. You can save every page element as a template that can be used on other web pages.


Another easy to use Joomla website builder is Gridbox. The page builder has been designed to enhance the process of editing content. You can preserve the template and extensions that are installed on the website. Also, you can arrange the elements of the content using smart inspector panel. You can also create a responsive website that will look great on different devices. The inbuilt editor allows you to customize a website style for a tablet, smartphone, and desktop screen sizes.

JSN Page Builder

JSN Page Builder is a powerful platform for composing Joomla webpages. You can use the page builder to create and manage multiple pages. To create a website, you simply drag and drop the elements. No lines of code are required to build a webpage. You can create a visually appealing and responsive website using a few clicks of the mouse button.

Content Builder

Featuring quick, easy-to-understand content construction kit, Content Builder can help you make a Joomla website without any need for coding. You can create contact forms, image galleries, communities, directories and much more using the content building platform. The page builder offers list/detail views that help you to better manage the online content.

With the above Joomla page builders. You can easily create a fully responsive website without any coding experience. You can quickly create a website without having coding knowledge.

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