6 Great SEO Extensions for Joomla

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December 5, 2017
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    6 Great SEO Extensions for Joomla

    You have created a wonderful user-friendly, responsive Joomla website with beautiful graphics and smooth animations, and hosted it online. However, there is still one problem.

    You haven’t optimized the site for search engine.

    Without search engine optimization (SEO), your site won’t be discovered online. You need to optimize your Joomla website for a search engine if you want the site to appear in the top pages of the search result page. And one of the many ways you can improve your website ranking is to install SEO extensions.

    Here are six great SEO extensions for Joomla that can allow you to easily optimize the website for search engine ranking without the need for outside help.

    Easy Frontend SEO

    Easy Frontend SEO

    EFSEO is a free SEO extension for Joomla website that helps in making the URL of the pages more search engine friendly. The free extension also allows you to edit and add meta information of the site. In addition, it can help in customizing the 404 page that is displayed in case of broken links. Know More

    SEO Keyword Factory

    SEO Keyword Factory

    SEO Keyword Factory has the capability to create keyword-rich URLs. This makes it easier to rank for a specific keyword in the search engine. The plugin automatically creates a link containing the search keywords used by online users. You can also create a banned list containing keywords that won’t be used for creating the links. Know More


    sh404SEF is an odd sounding Joomla extension that is extremely useful for optimizing websites. In fact, it’s one of the most popular SEO extensions in Joomla. It supports a lot of features that can save time in optimizing your site for search engine ranking. Some of the value-added features of the extension include the following. ol>

    1. Duplicate URL remove
    2. Support of Google Tags and Google Analytics
    3. Create customized 404 pages or redirect 404s to a specified URL
    4. Add support for canonical URLs
    5. Bulk customization of page title and description
    6. Protect against malicious page requests and cross-site scripting attacks (XSS)
      Know More


    SEO Simple is yet another great extension for search engine optimization of a Joomla website. The plugin can save a lot of time by generating meta descriptions automatically. It pulls the information from the content to generate the tags. The extension also allows you to add ‘noindex, follow’ tags for different web pages. Know More

    Sitemap Cache

    Creating a sitemap is essential for SEO of the website. However, extensions such as MapX, XMap, and others that create sitemaps can make your website vulnerable to DDOS attacks. The reason is that the sitemap servers use extensive server resources when carrying out SQL queries to build the sitemap. Sitemap Cache can plug-in the security loopholes of the sitemap generators by using the system configurations to protect your site from HTTP flood attacks. Know More

    Smart SEO

    Lastly, Smart SEO is a useful extension to optimize your Joomla website. The extension boasts of a host of features including checking keyword density, inspecting primary keyword placement, SEO score, and SEO settings of each article.

    he above SEP extensions can prove invaluable in optimizing your site for search engine ranking. Although, you still need to hire a professional SEO company for off-page link-building to achieve a high search rank. The combination of on-page and off-page optimization will allow you to rank your site high and see your revenues grow by leaps and bounds. Know More

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