January 2, 2019

5 WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2019

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. The platform powers over 30 percent of websites available to the public. When considering the fact that there are nearly 2 billion websites in the world today, the number of WordPress websites is truly amazing!

As a WordPress site owner, you should follow WordPress blogs to stay ahead of the curve by keeping an eye on the latest tips and techniques, hacks, plugins and whatnot. And what better way to stay informed and updated than reading WordPress blogs? Here we give a detailed account of five awesome WordPress blogs to follow and stay updated.

1. CodeinWP


CodeinWP is an amazing blog for beginners to obtain practical advice for designing a website. This blog aims to provide content that is easy to understand involving various aspect of WordPress. Here primarily you can find articles on how to start a successful WordPress site, best WordPress themes, best WordPress plugins and more.

CodeinWP also contains a lot of listicles, reviews and helpful tips for WordPress development. They have a lot of resourceful content on managing WordPress e-commerce sites. Overall, this is a great blog for getting up-to-date information about anything and everything related to the WordPress world.

2. WPExplorer


Here is another perfect example of a blog that deals with about everything related to WordPress. Just as the name says itself, WPExplorer explores all the aspects of WordPress to give you quality content. Easy to follow tutorials and guides, comparative and product reviews, the collection of themes and templates, you will find it all right in here.

Apart from informative blogs, you can also find GPL Free WordPress themes and discounted deals on premium WordPress templates and other tools. You can read reviews about the latest WP features as they are released. The blog site is suitable for both beginners and professional website designers.

3. WPBeginner


Just as the name suggests, WPBeginner is the ultimate guide for WordPress beginners. WPBeginner is known for its consumable content in terms of tutorials and guides to help the layman WP users. Apart from instructional articles, the blog site also publishes news stories, events, plugins, themes, and much more regarding WordPress website platform.

You can subscribe to WPBeginner emails in order to get daily and weekly blogging tips, books, freebies, coupons and more.

4. WP Tavern

wp tavern

WP Tavern publishes regular blogs on different topics related to WordPress. It features all of the latest news and updates as well as a weekly episode dealing with WordPress function related content. It also has categories involving the topics BuddyPress and BBPress as well as ICYMI (In case you missed it).

Established in 2009, WP Tavern has become one of the most visited WordPress sites today. The site publishes one or more blogs daily to keep the visitors engaged. You can comment on each article to ask questions and share your views regarding the topic. You can also subscribe to the blog site and receive notifications via email.



If you want expert-level tips for WordPress website, you can subscribe to this site. Here you can read about the best tips and techniques for designing a website with a focus on user engagement. WPMU DEV contains thousands of articles written on almost every topic imaginable.

This site also provides you with everything that you may require for your WordPress site whether it is templates, plugins, security, updates, marketing & SEO tools and expert support from professionals. You also have the access to WP Academy membership once you sign up.

Wrapping Up

WordPress is an ever-evolving platform. Its developer community increases by leaps and bounds globally. In such a scenario, this comprehensive list of top WordPress blog to follow in 2019 and beyond can help you stand ahead of the curve. These blog platforms will help you stay on top of every latest news and reviews about WordPress. We are sure that the names mentioned here will remain useful for you for years to come!