5 Web Development Trends to Watch Out for!

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April 21, 2017
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    The consistent advancement in technology is efficiently fueling the trend of innovations and improvisations in the conventional patterns of web development. Numerous trends are on the rise and are efficiently contributing to change the outlook and persona of the websites of today.

    Here is an insight into the top five trends that are here to prevail and will shape up the future discourse of web design and development.

    1. Interactive Bots and Responsive User Interface

    Interactive Bots and Responsive User Interface

    The use of artificial intelligence and conversational bots will transform the way business interact and communicate with their customers through their websites. Automated virtual communication, powered by bots and artificial intelligence will make it convenient for businesses to delve into interactive chats, messaging and real-time networking with their customers.

    This will add a personality and human element to the online persona of businesses and will make them more trusted and approachable. In addition to that, it will also bring a significant improvement in the customer engagement and customer service.

    2. More Graphics and Minimal Text

    More Graphics and Minimal Text

    The websites featuring long and humdrum textual content are fast becoming outdated. Considering the selection retention approach of the website visitors, web developers are focusing on the creativity aspect, with minimized text and more graphics, media, and illustrations.

    This is because a majority of the visitors tend to ignore clusters of text and quickly sift through the content to find the relevant information. Therefore, web design and development will tend to adopt more digital forms of content rather than merely playing with words.

    3. High-Definition and Personalized Media

    High-Definition and Personalized Media

    It is 2017 and just the right time where you better start considering about bidding farewell to those redundant, generic and rather unrealistic stock photos. Such photos tend to cast a negative impact on the credibility and persona of your business, reduce trust and give an ordinary and generalized outlook to your website.

    The web developers are putting a great emphasis on authentic and personalized photos and images on the websites. In addition to that, there will be an incessant focus and increase in the use of high- definition images, illustration sliders, and cinemagraphs.

    4. Cards and Grid-Based Alignment

    Cards and Grid-Based Alignment

    Inspired by Pinterest, many websites are seeking to opt for a cards and grid-based layouts. Such layouts do not only make the websites look more appealing, they also make it convenient for the websites to showcase a variety of data without creating a clutter or mess on the home page of secondary tabs.

    The cards and grid-based outlooks is a unique, smart and creative approach to showcase product ranges and portfolios, while also adding an aesthetic visual appeal to your website. Also, it makes the data and content of your website look more organized, simplified, responsive and convenient for browsing and navigation.

    5. Virtual Reality and 360-Degree Video

    Virtual Reality and 360-Degree Video

    Despite the increasing popularity of virtual reality and 360-degree videos, the website design and development domain was not much affected by these popular technologies. However, many businesses seeking to innovate their websites and make them stand out on the World Wide Web are incorporating virtual reality and 360-degree videos as essential elements into their web designs. This has completely transformed the experience at the user's, by providing a mesmerizing, interactive and realistic interface.

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