5 Web Design Trends You Should Avoid!

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June 14, 2017
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    You might have gone through many trends that have been predicted to rule over the course of the year. Similarly, there are a number of web design trends that you need to bid goodbye. User experience has become the talk of the town and when it comes to web design and development, the domain is primarily being driven on the users’ preferences and online behavior.

    Here’s an insight into some web design trends that you should avoid to increase the performance of your website and provide a smooth and enhanced browsing experience to your visitors.

    1. Never Ending Scrolling

    Never Ending Scrolling

    Infinite downward scrolling of content is a popular trend and has become a characteristic feature of Pinterest. However, incorporating it into your website’s navigation design might not create a similar impact on your audience. As a matter of fact, users find it quite annoying if they have to go through a long haul of downward scrolling only for the sake of the footer content of the web page.

    Likewise, in the case of online shopping stores, infinite scrolling tends to bombard the user with so many choices that they might find it hard to choose from, thus revoking their buying interest. If you have an extensive range of products to choose from, try some creative methods as in using sliders or segmenting your product range.

    2. Social Media Feeds

    Social Media Feeds

    A website is meant to serve a different purpose than your social media profiles, so it is better not to let one overtake the other. Cluttering your website with your social media updates will only cause redundancy and revoke the interest of your visitors. It might even divert their focus towards social media, eventually declining your website performance.

    3. Overdosing on Apps

    Overdosing on Apps

    Fortunately, the domain of web design has moved past the era when every website had a clock, a calendar, marquee banner and animated mascots. However, many websites still follow the notion of ‘the more, the better’ and create a clutter of apps and gadgets on their website that is so not needed at all.

    A simple yet creative website is the ultimate key to a visitor’s heart. Therefore, cast a critical glance on your website and remove everything that is dispensable, redundant or looks out of place.

    4. Flash


    When it comes to modern web-design trends, flash is a strict no-no. Although, it was a popular trend back in the late 1990s, however, using it now will only give you website an outdated impression.

    Another reason is that most desktop and mobile browsers are not optimally compatible with the flash specification. In such a case, an ‘install flash now’ message can be an instant turn-off for your visitors.

    5. Background Music or Videos

    Background Music or Videos

    There are better ways to flaunt your music taste, other than tormenting your website visitors by playing it in the background. In fact, a website’s background music comes as a bad surprise and most users instantly close the website if it starts playing music on its own.

    Aside from that, if you have placed videos on your website, make sure that they only start if the visitor clicks the play button.

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