5 Ways to Add a Personalized Touch to Your WordPress Theme

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April 28, 2017
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    WordPress has proven its efficacy as an effective content management system and an efficient open source platform form that has eased down and automated the process of PHP web development.

    Despite that fact that WordPress has made it convenient for the non-geek users to create their own website, set up their blogs and manage their content through an extensive and comprehensive CMS, the platform is often criticized for its generalized and template-based outlook. However, using the extensive range of themes and plugins, you can give your website a brand new appearance. Here we share 5 smart ways through which you can add a personalized touch to your WordPress theme.

    1. Create a Persona

    Create a Persona

    Whether it is a personal blog or a website, make sure that you add a dab of personal gravity to your website. Take your time to create a unique color palette for your website. Many WordPress themes such as ColorMag allow you to personalize your website palette by offering a wide range of colors.

    You can either go for a monochrome or create your own unique blends and contrast. Also, add a unique typographic appeal to your website by using creative fonts, from the Google Fonts for your WordPress websites.

    2. Customized Login Page

    Customized Login Page

    While setting up a website on WordPress, many of us tend to pay the least attention to the login page. You can add a personalized feel to your WordPress website by incorporating a personalized login page for your WordPress website.

    Replace the WordPress logo with your logo and set the color to complement to complement the theme of your business. Customized login screens for your team or visitors will make your entire website look like a special and customized website.

    3. Add Catchy Elements

    Add Catchy Elements

    A unique background image, a catchy title, a creative tagline, and handpicked icons, tabs and widgets will give your template-based website the look and feel of a special and custom-built website. The title and tagline make the first introduction of your website so they should be really unique and catchy so as to capture the interest of your audience for further browsing and navigation. Remote all the redundant icons and elements from your home page and other pages, that might deviate or revoke the interest of the visitors.

    4. Incorporate Your Logo

    Incorporate Your Logo

    Remove the WordPress logo from wherever it appears on your website and replace it with the logo of your company or business. If the case of a personal site or blog, you can also your own picture as the logo.

    The WordPress logo will make your website appear as an ordinary template-based website. WordPress 4.5 and advanced versions offer an inbuilt support to personalize the logo. However, if your theme or your version of the website does not offer this feature, you can install supportive plugins such as Easy Genesis to replace the default WordPress logo with your personal logo.

    5. Creative Navigation Bar

    Creative Navigation Bar

    The navigation bar or panel can be customized by using different styles of expanding o drop-down menus, colors and images. There are many navigation plugins such as WP-PageNavi, Max Mega Menu WP-Paginate that allow you to personalize the general navigation of your website.

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