5 Tools to Track Your Online Reputation

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July 17, 2017
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    While competing to maintain a strong presence and getting maximum visibility in the web sphere, it is essential for businesses to keep track of their online performance and the efficacy of their campaigns. This ensures that your efforts aimed at leveraging customer engagement and generating response are in line with your online objectives and are making a significant impact on your targeted audience.

    Here’s an insight into some effective tools to help you track your online reputation and optimize your business persona.

    1. BrandsEye

    BrandsEye is one of the most popular tools used by businesses for online performance management. It is an all-inclusive tool with an extensive range of features, providing complete and automated performance and reputation management.

    The tool allows you to track news, posts, mentions, and conversation related to your business, happening in the cyber sphere. This makes it convenient for you to track potential opportunities and use them to your advantage.

    2. Google Alerts

    Google is making consistent improvements in its fundamental algorithms, offering new tools for the benefit of businesses to step up their performance on the cyber sphere.

    Google Alerts is a handy and trusted tool that has gained a lot of popularity over time. The tool requires you to select a set of terms and keywords associated with your search as well as the type of search content you would prefer to be notified about.

    Based on your specified choices, Google Alert monitors the content being shared on the web and generates automatic alerts about the news, articles, videos, discussions matching the terms and phrases you have specified related to your business.

    3. Social Mention

    Social Mention is a free online tool that provides extensive insights into your activity, performance and the subsequent response coming from customer camps on multiple social media platforms.

    Social Mention operates on similar patterns as Google Alerts. However, aside from fetching results based on your selected keywords and search phrases, Social Mention provides insights into your reach, impact and the user response to your online campaigns.

    It specifies the most active users on your platforms, the most searched phrases and keywords, as well as the discussion through tweets, posts, and mentions related to your business happening on various social media handles.

    4. Image Raider

    Image Raider is an online performance and reputation management tool that also informs you about potential acts of copyright infringements. The reverse image search tool operates on completely automated algorithms.

    It requires you to create an image log based on the images that you want to be notified about whenever they are used by other users or websites. This way, the tool can efficiently be used to stay informed if your copyright images are being used without your permission, where they are being shared, and what response they are receiving on the web.

    5. Rankur

    Rankur is a fully-automated social media tracking tool that makes it convenient for you to track your online reputation by keeping watch on articles, blogs, news items, as well as social media platforms.

    Not only that, Rankur also generates periodic reports entailing the number of online mentions, posts, and shares for your assessment. Additionally, the tool notifies you about the trending topics, allowing you to optimize your campaigns and stay ahead of the competition.

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