5 Social Media Joomla Extensions to Consider in 2016

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February 3, 2016
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    In 2015, we discovered the true capabilities of social media as a leading news and worldwide conversation forum that allows people, businesses, and corporations to share their views. The impact of social media on business, regardless of scale, is undeniable. If you run a Joomla website, you know as a fact that social media extensions are changing the way we use the CMS.

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    There is an abundance of social media extensions in Joomla, so much so that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what to have. This is why we’re giving you a breakdown of the top 5 social media extensions you should consider for your website in 2016. 1. JFBConnect JFBConnect is currently one of the hottest properties on Joomla and for good reason to. JFB Connect allows you to integrate Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Amazon, Yahoo, Windows Live, and GitHub among other social networks with your website. Highly customizable, JFBConnect has more than 50 social widgets that allow you to integrate all your social profiles in one place. Best Feature: Too many to list! A Must-Have as stated by Joomla developers and more than 200 users. Our Rating: 5/5 2. Facebook Wall Feeds Facebook is the leading social networking platform, especially for SMEs, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t let your website users know what’s happening on your Facebook page. Facebook Wall lets you do that by fetching the profile or page feeds to your Joomla site. The extension is sleek and allows you to customize the way you want the feeds to be displayed anywhere on your website. Best Feature: Grab feeds, groups, and photos from pages! Our Rating: 4/5 3. Flickr Suite Content Flickr Suite Content is a full feature extension allowing you display photos and videos from Flickr easily using short codes. Flickr allows you to assign website users that can download the original content and also enables you to geotag pictures as well. You can choose to display the pictures and videos in thumbnail, slider, or single photo format. Best Feature: Integration enables you to create a content rich site Our Rating: 4/5 4. Jusertube Jusertube is an extension that lets you integrate your YouTube page with your Joomla site. However, that’s not all as you can also add your favorite YouTube channels and also YouTube playlists that will be played on a Responsive Lightbox Player on your site. Note that this module will display public videos only. Now you can create a content rich website with viral, niche, or geospatial content, whatever you preference! Best Feature: Highly responsive; works on any and all devices! Our Rating: 5/5 5. ITPSocialSubscribe Last we have the extension that stacks well with all other social media extensions for Joomla. The ITPSocialSubscribe enables you to add widgets on different posts and pages on your site in any way you want. This is by far the easiest way to get more ‘social subscribers’ from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. Best Feature: Probably the most user friendly extension out there Our Rating: 4/5

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